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postive again :)

hi all as you may or may not of read ima anexity sufferer and the other day i made the decision to park my crap and try to make a life again x i was knocked down by a so called friend who made me feel awful and i wanted to run and hide x al my facebook friends where gossiping and twisting things see ive been reclused for 3 month as im scared of the outdoors at the mo so no one has seen me x today i wrote a status on my facebook telling everybody that i was not a backstabber or bewing my cauldron and if they really must know im a recluse anexity panic disorder stresshead x and i may of fallen but i sure as hell will get back up and remember those who helped me back up i then told my idiot next door neighbour/friend supposed who copies everything from clothes to house decor and is the biggest bragger i am better than u type rant over on her x that she is not the type of person i need in my life till she learns to grow up and stop being so sad and pathetic. life is not a competion and every holiday i book to get away from her is not helped by her booking the same one in a resort 5 mins down the road same week :/ now im not sure if broadcasting my life in this way is goning to help me in any way but i sure as hell felt better for it x just thought id share my new postive mood returning x

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Well that certainly told them !

You find people like this in life , some people can have really good neighbours , but with experience over the years I like to be polite with my neighbours but have my friends living furthur apart , because when your friends live so close , it can be a problem

I once remember having the same complaint as you , a friend used to copy everything I did , & when its your ideas & you have put alot of thought in to them it can be so frustrating !

Then some one said to me ..see it as a compliment ...I said how ??? they replied well you must have good taste & imagination if they have to copy you & they must have none , poor thing

It did make some sense what they said , still use to make me a bit frustrated , but that took the edge of when I felt that way

If you do start talking to your neighbour again , when it comes to holidays , I would say I didnt no where I was going & leave it till the last minute & say it was a cancellation you snapped up !

Well I am pleased you are feeling more positive , keep posting :-)


whywhy xxx


ty why why x i guess ive hit a point where i suddenly thought i cannot go much futher down so the only wa y is up x my neighbour is a constant sorce of my frustration i have tried ignoring but boy doz she have the ability t wind me up lol x i have actually had quite a few nice comments from people telling me that i should never feel down and they would never judge me for my anexity which made me feel a lot better in myself x i only hope its a continued onward n upward from here x ty x donver


I really do wish you all the very best on your wonderfully positive outlook. You would be absolutely amazed how many people suffer with anxiety... I have certainly met loads since I have been like this. As you say onward and upward,my very own words to myself today. Good luck.


i have a few friends who think im going mad one of them even said im glad im not mad like you i said im not mad im suffering from anxiety and now ive seen you say you have hit the bottom and the only way is up im going to follow in your foot steps and do that to and hopefully make some new and less judgemental friends on the way lol good luck hun and all the best these things will be beaten and the world better watch out cause im coming back so make some room lol


You go girls!! blumming heck. You need to tell your friend that if you were mad you wouldn't even recognise her never mind know it !!! Cheeky buggers! LOL I have to laugh at their ignorance...poor thick souls xxxxx Ella xxxxx


ty all x im still in my postive mood not ventured out the house but i got up got showered and did something useful with my day x i guess it just finally dawned on me that people are always out for themselves and will do whateva it takes to get what they need and if that mean steppin on the anxious then i guess they think they founda easy steppin stone x i think i will always be a anxious nervous pain but then i suppose thats the way i was made to be x love me or hate me im like this and it aint changing for no one :) i need to regain life and step one was tellin everyone why i was like this so when they see me they will know im not mad im bloody bonkers lol x


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