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Hi everyone, I've been for my physio this morning for my back ( scoliosis ) and found my core muscles!! shock didn't know I had any??? so slightly aching now. ALSO with the same therapist I started my first lesson in " Mindfulness". I had heard of this before but associated it with white witches for some strange reason LOL!!. Nothing of the sort actually. It's based on breathing, and being aware of your breathing and USING your breathing to control pain! Also to help with ANXIETY. So I lay there ( with aching core muscles ) and followed instructions, which were getting fainter and fainter.....till all of a sudden there was a definite snore :( :( :( then a torrent of laughter!! So it works lol

x Ella x

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Hi ellabella, I try to practice this but slightly different..........I try to be mindful (not easy and sometimes you don,t realise till it is to of my reactions and emotions, so if I experience negative emotions or thoughts I try to catch them in the early stages and class it as a life event which is pointless to react to.......or a building emotion which i try to dissipate by "self talk" to remind myself it is because i am tired or hungry, or that it is just a visitor and not really part of my true nature.........

Mindfulness is now university degree first started at Aberdeen University, and also courses are held at buddist centres...........xxxxxx


Well Ella . you will be on dancing on Ice next lol they talk about good core muscles on there ;)

Must be good stuff that breathing if you dropped of

I once tried something simular & it didnt work for me started feeling faint :-(

Having said that is was a man & he was a bit eager to get me on the bed to be honest & I found that a bit of putting , he said he wanted to watch my chest go up & down as i breathed ? ermm thought bet you do lol

Glad its worked for you though & you are sounding so much better in yourself , you deserve it :-)


whywhy xxx


Oh I didn't know that stde...maybe we will build up to that next time, meanwhile I will keep that in mind and try to do that. Whywhy I do a lot of breathing exercises so they work really quick on me. Well they seem to..I love it. The key is to try and breathe OUT more than you take in. So it slows you down and calms fear. It does send me off to dreamland quick lol. I usually hear the first snore and that's it! Thanks love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Iv`e been to a physiotherapist because of low back pain. He gave me some exercises to do. They helped a little, but I still have pain after walking a mile or more, & I`m wondering if there`s anything really that can get rid of the pain once & for all.


We have been busy Ella. I've spent afternoon having my shoulder realigned by osteopath. Even had acupuncture - first time for everything!!!! Still sore tonight but no sharp pain so hopefully I'll feel better in the morning. The mindfulness sounds really interesting, especially in conjunction with the breathing exercises. Will have to look into this. My muscles would be a fan of anything that helped me to relax!!!

Take Care



I know in my case I will never get rid of the pain as it is bone squashing internal organs and spinal cord but reaxation is such a big help and the breathing takes my mind off the pain. Exercises to strengthen the core do help too HF :) Liz! I hope you feel a big difference today, let us know won't you? I am interested in the acupuncture.....will try anything once! lol. If it helps. By the way I slept for a full 12 hours last night..... :o Lots of Love x Ella x


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