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Bad day today

Hi all.

Well it would appear that my aniexty is trying to get the better of me this week. I am really struggling with it. I was thinking that small progress was being made but now feels like I'm back at the beginning. Pains in the chest and tingling in the face and a constant fear of the worst, always feeling run down and no motivation. It feels like the world is passing and I'm just stuck. Waking up to feeling the same as when I went to bed. I pray that one day I will wake up feeling noraml once again. Also does anyones chest bone make a cracking noise when they stretch.

Thanks for reading


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Hi it will get easier trust me we've been there where it comes n goes than bang hits ya again don't give up hope n try to stay positive u will get there

Me after suffering since May I'm ready to face work next week n 4 weeks ago I couldn't even contemplate work yrs I'm anxious bit trying not to think of it just need to go do it

Good look hope this helps


What symptons do you have with your aniexty


A lot tbh

Dizziness off balance

Tension headache

Pins n needles

Heart palpitations

Chest pain



Hot cold

Head pressure


N probably a few more


Dizziness off balance tightening in chest fear of dying tingling of face passing water frenqently stooling and head feels light


I hope you get better soon. do you find that when someone tells you there symptons you feel a bit better knowing that your mot alone or crazy.

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Oh yes of course I thought it was me alone until I to my girlfriend about the symptoms and she told me welcome to it she has it too so it was there I felt a little better knowing it was the anxiety and not a heart attack so all we have to do is pray and let it run its course and be positive also certain foods bring it on even coffee the caffeine in it brings it on also nuts


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