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Had a good Cry

Hi everyone i took the dog for his walk this morning on a large field which backs onto my house i go to a certain place since my mum died and i talk to her i get comfort out of this usually however this time i cryed my eyes out it came from nowere i came back home i feel drained and so tired i know this is normal it is so strange how all these emotions keep comming out of me is this all part of recovery. ?

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Hi toby

I think this is very normal & I no you feel drained , but its good when the emotions come out

i lost my mum 10 years ago , all of a sudden , & the shock & grieve was something I cant even explain the pain , which even though you learn to live with it , for me its still there ,even though now its less most of the time

I talk to my mum all the time & most of the time it does feel better , even though after 10 years , just a thought , something I hear , can be anything , & I will just sob & sob , the pain can feel like it has just happened , but it passes again

I think this is all part of grieving & I dont think anyone can put a time limit on this either , but it is part of recovery

Go with the crying when it happens , I feel it is part of dealing with grief & it will pass again

Thinking of you

whywhy xxx


Toby,I think this is good,bereavement takes a long while to live with and crying is natural and helpful.I have a dog whom I greatly love,I got him one week before my husband died suddenly,often when I was crying the dog used to cry and howl along with me


I lost my dad in 1995 and used to burst into tears for no reason for a good year afterwards.

It's a natural grieving process.

When I have a problem now I think 'what would Dad have done or said' and quite often I hear his voice in my mind telling me his opinion.

I've got used to my dad and mum not being here any more but I don't think you ever really get over it.


This is normal so don't worry it takes time you will be fine I used to smell clothes of my mum when a child just remeber she lives on through you x


Thanks all of you i have had a terrible day no panic or anything just complete and utter sadness my head is throbbing my shoulders are up and my back hurts i question myself all the time am i suppose to fight it or just go with it work tomorrow hope its a better day xx


hi toby, go back to work as you will be able to think of something else for awhile. My mum died of cancer last year and I am the same as you, sudden bouts of uncontrollable crying. have you been to the doctors as he may recommend talking things through with a coucellor. I did this and it really helped me- if you can talk to someone who is not involved in your life , it helps as you know you are not going to upset them when you start crying!. I felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I spoke to the councellor


Hi Toby, it was interesting reading your report of how you are feeling. My anxiety and depression came on completely out of the blue only 3 weeks ago and have felt awful ever since, on analizing it all I am 100% sure it's a lot to do with losing my dearest mum which happened 14 months ago. I somehow feel its now caught up with me. Right at this minute I could sit here and sob my heart out. I miss her dreadfully. I have obviously shed lots of tears since she passed away but I seem to have found even more if that makes sense. Also just before my anxiety started I had had lots of worries within my family but thank goodness they are all sorted now but I think all these things added together has caused me to get in this state. Everything has caught up. All I want is to feel normal again and right at this minute I am convinced I won't. A horrible thought. Take care x


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