Update. We made it out, had a lovely meal & she was asleep by midnight! :-) :-)

Well, that was unexpected! After such a difficult time lately really wasn't sure if we'd get out for my daughter's birthday last night but we did.

As I said, didn't book anything so could tell her 'We'll go when you're ready." I know a time limit just stresses her out more. A few wobbles but nothing too bad. Her best friend came too which was nice, thankfully she knows what she's like so didn't hassle her too much about time.

She didn't eat much of her meal but tucked into a banana split after :-)

Mam & dad enjoyed getting out too.

She started to panic when we got home, told me to be prepared for screaming, which I was dreading of course after the neighbours complaints. But she went upstairs for a while & calmed herself down. Came down & settled herself on the sofa, (where she currently sleeps), next time I look, she's asleep! I couldn't believe it. :-O Decided to head straight for bed while I had the chance. I'm sure it was down to sheer exhaustion but it's good to break that cycle of only sleeping after a major panic.

Now she's getting ready to go out for the afternoon with friends. If it happens it means I will have some time to myself. Yay!

Thanks again for all your support, advice & concern yesterday, it really helped me feel less alone.

Hope you all have a good day today :-)



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9 Replies

  • :) :) :) :) :)

    So happy for both you & your dd daughter , this has made my day !

    Big Hugs


  • Delighted to have made your day whywhy


  • Hi I am so happy for you both, the birthday went well and you both slept, wonderful, maybe your daughter going out with her friends will also be a big help.



  • Thank you bonnie. Yes, will do her good to get out. She seems more relaxed today, I'm sure the sleep has helped.


  • really glad to hear it :)

  • Thanks jsp, she said it was her best birthday as it was spent just with those she loves. Made me well up lol


  • O hang on to those words , thomson , as a glimmer of what will come in the future , made me well up as well :o


  • So glad it went well, and you both had a good sleep, enjoy some me time you deserve it. :)

    Mimii xx

  • Thanks mimii & I will. Been to check on my parents, ended up taking dad out to get the shopping, (he's still struggling with this heat), but am now going to catch up on a little much needed housework then either take a walk to visit my friend, or, watch a dvd I treat myself to, Harvey lol

    Take care


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