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still feel rough

its been over 2 weeks now i still feel rough with a chest infection, still coughing and wheezing of a night, and im sleeping when ever i can.

I dont know if i should go for an interview on Tuesday either to start working again at stables. Trouble is, its 19 miles away 40 mins travelling by car, i only passed my test 2 years ago, i dont think i can do that every day, my OH thinks id be silly to pass up this opportunity. I dont know what to do, i think im scared. iv not really been out for 3 weeks, well tbh, iv not stepped out the door cos of my chest infection. Im going the drs tomorrow and im scared to drive there with all this snow and ice on the roads. Feel like screaming, my life is a mess atm and it feels like iv been ill for months.

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Hi Linny

So sorry love you are still feeling so bad , must be feeling like its draining you by now

Glad you have a GP appontment tommorrow

As for you driving there , well...can you not get a taxi just this once

I need an emergency dental appointment tommorrow & ok , I cant drive bit even if I could I wouldnt in this weather ! so dont blame you one bit for not wanting to drive ...get a taxi

Tuesday , first thing that springs to my mind is "weather " again

Then when ever i am ill on top of my anxiety it never is a good time for me to be making my mind up over anything as my head is all over the place ...

In the past i have listened to other people telling me what is going to be best for me , yet they are not the one's that will be doing it , now I listen to myself & I no what I can & cant do , so if you feel you are up to this job thats ok , but if you feel it will be to much for you , well thats ok to , you are the one that will have to be doing it , no one else , so go with what you want & feel you can do & whatever that is dont be made to feel guilty (as sometimes I can )

I no you have had this chest infection for weeks , so you are bound to feel your life is a mess , suffering with something for this long would make anyone feel that way , i have had toothache for 4 days & already I feel that way , but I no once its sorted that thought will start to fade & I am sure once you are feeling physically well again , your thoughts of your life been a mess will fade as well

Linny I really do feel for you , wish there was something more I could say

Let us now how you get on at doc's


whywhy xxx


Sometimes when I am unsure of something i write down the positives & negatives , then when i see them on paper it sometimes shows me which out weighs the other , then I take that as my answer !


Hi Linny

Sorry to hear you still dont feel well. My oh is the same, seems to be ongoing for months now. Chest infections, coughs.

Why not try the journey to the stables and see how you go. Once you get there and have done it you may feel a lot better.

Good luck with the interview, and get well soon.

Love lou. xx


That first journey is always the worst! All this snow doesn't help of course... I haven't been out since it started here. Getting a taxi to the doctors sounds like a good idea, I've done that before when its snowing. I've never driven in conditions like these before and don't feel the need to start trying it yet as there's nowhere I really need to be. I had flu before Christmas and I'm still coughing so if your doctor comes up with an answer, let me know! xx


Hi linny. I know how you are feeling I had a chest infection for over 4 months and ended up going for scan of my lungs. 19 miles may seem a lot in the snow when roads are quite bad for driving but if you really want this job the journey will go fast when the weather picks up. In the mean time ASDA have covers for wheels that guarantee no slip. They are 35 quid for 2 and may be an idea if you take a friend along for the interview. just for company and support. Best of luck in whatever you decide xx


Hi hun, hav bin indoors 4 quite somtime myslf wiv never ending sickness bug, also 2 ill 2 go out. threres 2 words that spring 2 mind CABIN FEVER, drivin me insane so i know how u feel. the nausea is also makin me panick worse. havnt we bin through enough, its illness after bloody illness. only u know how u feel about startin a new job, i couldnt imagine workin at the moment so must b terrifyin 4 u + especialy knowin that bein 19 mls away u cant jst run bck home if needed. but u might find this new job 2 b ur savour + hlp u come out the other side. as lng as u feel up 2 it i would give it a go + c how u get on, if u r really strugling after so long theres nothin 2 make u carryin on going. hope u feel much better soon + hav faith in ur own ability. kindest regards leeanne.x


I know how you feel, because Iv`e had no less than 4 colds this winter, there seems to be much more illness about this year than usual. I hate this time of the year, it`s so cold all the time, & when it snows &gets slippery underfoot I hate to go out in case I end up falling & breaking something. I can`t think of one good thing about winter, & I can`t wait for it to be spring.


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