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Why does my leg shake?

I am managing to hold it all together. However when I try and explain how I really feel to anyone :(. my legs shake uncontrollably. Consequently I am terrified that it is going to happen at work and my colleagues will be unsupportive. A couple of months ago I was given some lorezepam and that helped but I wondered what else I can do to control the shaking

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Hi bud

Sounds like a nervous reaction due to anxiety , some people blush & your legs shake , my hands shake

Are you allowed to wear trousers for work ? if so that would be a good idea as no one would even notice then ?

Or maybe a long skirt , i would doubt unless you are working with lots of men , women dont usually focus on each others legs (hope you dont mind me saying that )

Also when its cold like it is & my hands have been shaking , if i think someone has noticed i say i am cold !

Just some little suggestions that you might be able to do , while you work on this fear you have , which will get better

We are very good at thinking things before they happen & predicting how people will act

We are so focused in on things , that we believe everyone else will notice , but they actually dont !

Have you stopped the meds as you dont need them now ? if you feel you could still benifit from them you could go & see your GP

Let us no how you go on & welcome to the site

whywhy xxx


Hi Bud,

Welcome to our world!!!! You've arrived in the right place. There are always people on here to reassure and support you :)

Probably your legs shaking are more noticable to you than they are those around you. However you will probably feel more secure if you begin any triggering conversations when you are sitting down. My hands can shake, sometimes quite a lot but in my experience my colleagues have always been supportive and understanding. (They just don't ask me to pour the water anymore!!!!!) Until you are faced with problems I think I would expect your colleagues to be the same. I truely hope this will be the case.

Try not to worry.

Best Wishes,


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Hi the same think happening to me have anxiety/panic attacks. Im going for a job interview next week im scared incase my legs shake and jerk in the interview and could put them off giving me the job . My legs jerk quite alot i get worried about people noticeing. the im aware of jerking more it tends to happpen. When i talk to my family about my anxiety how im feeling i tend to get shaky hands and jerking legs going for cbt soon jerking prob going to be worse



Again its anxiety , the more you predict it will happen , we sit waiting for it , again wear troursers or a long floating skirt for inteview if you can , people are not likely to notice , have you tried sitting with your legs crossed , does that help

Good luck with your interview , let us no how it goes

whywhy xxx


Hi bud welcome 2 this site, dnt know if ur male or female? whywhy seems 2 think ur female but i havnt sin no indication 2 suggest which u r. i dnt suffer frm the shakes mine is a more of an inner feelin but 1 thing i know is that the more u think about it the more u r inclined 2 do so. i know it bothers a lot of people about wot others think but myslf could not care less, if any1 judges u or is unsuportive is honestly not worth botherin about anyway, but 2 b fair i dnt think they would react that way. im in the midst of a nervous brkdwn + the suposedly only 2 friends i hav arnt interesred i think mayb they dnt want the limelite takin offthem bcause they like 2 think they r the worst. 2 b honest i didnt need friends like that anyway but i definatly dnt now. there must b better more decent people out there, i live in a very poor underprivellidged twn were every1 jst takes frm u, bckstabs u + its always a competition as 2 who's got the worst of anythin, u cant even hav a brkdwn wivout them bein there 4 u bcause theyre r even jelous of that, they like w b the worst so dnt like u takin the limelight. 1 of them as so called agraphobia but goes all over on her own is always so confident, laughthin, jokin + breazin through life. i know there must b decent people even in this shit hole but i really struggle 2 find any1 + not jst sayin it im no pushover but am a nice person + always try 2 put family + friends first but like i said people who rnt there 4 u r not worth u wastin ur worry on, the more u stress about it the more it will happen. lorazepam if right r similar 2 diazepam which im prescribed. i try 2 only take these wen desperate, theyre r extremly addictive drugs + do hold a purpose 4 people in dire straights but should b only takin 4 short periods. let me ask u is it worth chancing bcomin addictive 2 these bcause collegues might c u shakin, i suspect not. try ur bst 2 stay calm + leave the lorazepam 4 desperate situations. if u keep goin in2 work u might relax + learn 2 not bother about it. gud luck.**


You have a point there leeanne

I am guessing this is a female , & do apologise if I have got it wrong

Jonathan I think once said it would be handy if people said they were male or female , I now see his point lol

Still wear trousers though male or female :-)

whywhy xxx


Dnt worry about it whywhy, i wasnt sure if ud personsly messaged each other or somthin + thats how u knew. i would agree wiv u + jonathon, would b a lot easier if stated gender. somtimes i think im speakin 2 a female wen infct is actualy a male + vice versa. women + men hav a different jargon wen conversatin wiv 1another. hope u r well whywhy. wiv kindest regards leeanne.x


lol same here leehow & just noticed i have been calling you leeanne !!!

Have a good excuse for this though , have had chronic toothache since Friday , taking extra strong painkillers which are making me tired , even though not doing much for the pain , so please everyone excuse me

And I no this will be a root canal needed & when it comes to the dentist can imagine , so trying to stay strong

How are you today lee , you seemed a lttle brighter yesterday & loved your sense of humour that was coming out , which is a good sign :-)

whywhy xxx


Hello whywhy again, do u hav an asda nr u bcause they sell a toothace gel which proper numbs u, is really gud 4 wen pain killers dnt work. theres also 1 available frm chemist called anbesol + this also numbs u, they really do work + not like clove oil which i find doesnt hlp. ive got a couple of holes in my teeth, thats if u could call it that more like a giant crater wiv a tiny bit of tooth lft. also had root canal so many times hav lst count. so plse blieve me these stuff does work. like i said my teeth r also a real mess as jst b4 i got ill was in midle of a couple of root canals myslf plus lots of fillins + other treatments. ive always tried 2 b exceptionaly strong + never let visits 2 dentist bother me but now ive got nervous illness thats a different matter. imagine havin a panick attack in the dentist chair(no thnx) mayb i could take somthin 2 calm me dwn b4 hand or mayb in actual fct i would probaly b fine. sorry bud 2 jump in on ur blog, somtimes we jst get carried away:-)


Hi Lee

We dont have an Asda near us :-(

This is my front tooth that is capped , i had the same problem with the other front one a few years ago which is also capped , so I no its the nerve needs removing

When they are doing the front ones they have to numb you in the roof of your mouth well...there is no flesh there at all & I find it the most painful thing ever

I also get neuralgia which doesnt help

I am on extra strong painkillers , have these for fibro , but try not to take them 2 often as they drug you up a bit 7 I dont like it , but needs be at the moment

Soon be tommorrow & have to admit I feel very anxious , maybe it doesnt help as I have been here before , sometimes its better when we dont no what is going to happen

Sorry you didnt get your teeth finished , but once you are feeling up to it I am sure you will , might help you to feel better as well when you are ready to do it

I do take something to calm me down , you have never seen a performance like it to be honest , i no I am an embaresment , when I am there , but it never seems to work !

My dentist as well that is very good with me is on leave , so I have to see a different one , who isnt as understanding , he looks like Mr Bean as well lol , maybe i will try & focus on that ha !

Thanks though I might get some of that in when some one is going to Asda , as its a car ride away , because i am sure it will come in


whywhy xxx


asda is what walmart is named in the uk-same store


Yeah thanku whywhy. my name is leeanne but my email user name is leehow, i jst try 2 use the same user name 4 my accounts as u need an account 4 everythin now + would b so confusin endin up wiv hundreds of passwords + usernames. Im still very poorly but my head feels a lot clearer now that my brain is free of them nasty meds i was takin, also seem 2 b able 2 tolerate the quitiapine im on but this is an antiphycotic they r givin me 4 my anxiety, feel ok of them but still need 2 find an antidepressant 2 suit me. I know how sensitive i am 2 meds + a lot of people r tryin 2 b kind + tell me 2 go dwn natural route, blieve me hav tried all the alternative remedys in which do absolutly nothin 4 me. its fine if they hlp u but blieve me they r not goin 2 hlp any1 like myslf who has had a full blown nervous brkdwn, as jonathon said it would b absolutly insane in doin so. there is different degrees of nervous illness + som people even more mentaly ill than me r gonna need medical intervention. so plse people b sensible in ur own judgement + listen 2 ur Gp, dnt do as i hav wastin precious time + money on alternative treatment as i hav, like 4 instant chamomile tea has mild calmin properties + would b insane 2 treat a brkdwn wiv. in desperation hav tried all these plus many many others. like i said it depends on how bad ur suffering frm this illness so people try 2 b a gud judge of ur own body. theres no harm in tryin the herbal route but if u r extremly ill plse follow ur GP'S advice carefully. wish u all health + happiness, wiv kindest regards leeanne.


Thank you for all the advice. I have been given some more lorezepam from my GP via a telephone appointment. He has also offered to give some some citalopram if needed. My biggest issue apart from shaking at work is actually sitting in the waiting room at the doctors. The last time I went I had a massive panic attack in front of him and I was utterly mortified. Now I can't face the thought of another appointment


It's stress I get same sometimes I shake all over and this leads a panic attack for me


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