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leg shakes

I've noticed lately that my right leg shakes without warning. I have had unexplained and unexpected pain a few times in my right hip and was wondering if this could be the cause of my leg shaking. It only shakes when I am sitting down. My ankle is sore from it moving so much. i don't feel that I'm anxious about anything when it occurs. I can stop when I become aware that it's happening. Is this something I should look into with my doctor?

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Hi there, I never see there being any harm in having something checked out by the Dr that you really aren't sure of. However, if you, like me, shake your leg as a nervous/anxious thing then it could be causing pain in other areas of your leg as its not something our leg was made to do for long periods of time (shaking). You may need to engage in some light activities like walking or swimming to strengthen your joints and muscles. I have a terrible knee and the doctor always tells me swimming and short walks often are brilliant for strengthening.

Hope you get it sorted :)


Thanks will do!


Hi there.......

Yes, I would definitely mention this to your doctor. It does seem that the pain and the

shaking may be related. Would you tell us what your doc says ?


Get this checked out by your doctor. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. It could be many things. I have this too. I was just about to write try not to worry, but I know this is impossible when we suffer from anxiety. So go to your GP soon, it will put your mind at rest.


Could be restless leg syndrome which is not life threatening or anything, but I would check with your doctor to be sure.


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