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why does my body shake every time I try to sleep?

started about a week ago

cant sleep at night and restless all day

upper body and amms trembling

worst when I lay down,little better when i'm moving around

very scary.

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I think your more aware of your bodily functions when you lay down or are relaxing. People who have health anxiety or other anxiety issues appear to be very aware of even small changes of their body and focus on it. The more you focus on it your brain picks up on this so the symptoms get worse, in other words it is a vicious circle. Try to distract yourself, although I no it is not easy to do


Thanks very much for answering,nice to know people are out there who understand.


Hi, I get the shakes anytime of the day. I have suffered with this for ages. I do take Diazapam 3 x 5mg per day but when it gets really bad I might take an extra one. I have just taken 2 before I go to The Breast Clinic. Nothing in particular starts it off but I am waiting for an appointment to see a Consultant that I have seen before and he is very good. I was seeing him for depression. Have you seen anyone about your complaint. Good luck and take care.


It might be worth you doing something like yoga, that is supposed to be very relaxing and it should not cost too much. I think most of the group will have had some anxiety issues that manifest themselves with physical health problems. The mind can play some cruel tricks on us. We need to fight back and show it whose boss. Look after yourself


I to get these from time to time. Wen I'm relaxing I more aware of everything including palpatations. Then the fear starts, and I just go round in cycle xxx


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