Well counseling went good again thank heavens. She taught me some kind of exercise to do when I'm anxious I forget the name of it sorry guys. You like pat one knee an then pat the other or you can do your feet instead or twidel your thumbs does something to the brain!!! Good Lord I don't know I told her about all of you guys an how great you are she said fantastic that the US is so far behind I wanted to say DA no kidding!! I like her though she seems up front an is suppose to help with phobia of meds we shall see!! Have a blessed evening xxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3


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  • Sorry pictures upside down lol my swing

  • EFT--- Emotional Freedom Technique-----works brill for some people so stick in.xx

  • I'm trying lol xx

  • don,t believe in googling.but in this case check out Gary Craig.....EFT (years ago I did part 1 of the course)

  • Kk will do thankyou

  • mimisings

    Glad things are looking up for you & keep us updated

    Your pic did keep me occupied for a while & was so pleased you told us it was up side down lol made me laugh , I spent ages trying to work it out , kept my mind of other things though for a while :-)


  • Lol I'm glad it helped !!!! I will be tapping away xxx

  • Good for you. Any exercise that works for you is good. Different things for different people.

    You carry on. Please let us know. xxx

  • Going to try will see don't know lol xxx

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