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Venting I guess how come people do not understand health anxiety or any type of anxiety. Mine is very high today because I have to go with hubby to urologist this morning I can't stand myself rigt now feeling the way I do an not letting him know. I just got into an argument with my daughter told her I was feeling nervous she said its not about you I told her I knew that is it me or what I don't know anymore just want to run sometimes. I haven't been on here for sometime because it seems useless nothing seems to help ugg I hate this sorry if I brought anyone down that's why I don't talk about it much sorry guys xx


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  • Hi mimisings, sorry to hear you too are having a bad day. I think health anxiety is one of the worst kinds, and it's also hard to put a brave face on things and keep things to yourself when you really need to share. No one really understands my anxiety either because it is so irrational, even I don't understand why I am like this, but keep posting it's always good to hear other people's stories. X

  • hi, your not getting anyone down, thats what the site is for........let it out. my health anxiety really sends me over the edge some days well most days and even though the people closest to me know i have it they really dont know what it does to be. dont be sorry. x

  • Hello my health anxiety as got worse ova the last mth, i do get very nervous as well like u. Its hard wen ur nearest and dearest dont understand, no its not about u but wen ur suvrering with any kind of anxiety then its hard for u. Im really lucky as i have alot of people around me that have been or am going thou it. My OH hasnt been thou it but he trys to understand the best he can. Sending u hugs xxx

  • Hi

    The more you talk and share how you feel people here can understand and you don't feel isolated coping by yourself. So sorry to hear your having a bad day and i know how nervous you must feel having to go to the hospital when your having anxiety and panic attacks.

    I am sure your Daughter did not mean anything by her comment sometimes youngsters cannot relate to what we are feeling. My eldest daughter fully understands but the young one cannot get her head around what is happening.

    Best wishes

    Hugs Seyi xxx

  • Hi So sorry your having a bad day. I suppose its the thought of going to the hospital with your Husband that you feel terribly anxious and can fully understand that. I am sure your Daughter did not mean anything by her comments its hard for people who have never experienced panic and anxiety to fully understand.

    I really hope you are feeling better. There is no better place than to come and talk here with people who can relate to your fears. And who care :)

    Hope you are feeling better take care

    Hugs Seyi xxx

  • My health Anxiety has got better since being about Crohns in 2007 but before that I was wrecked.

    Hope things get easily for you soon.xx

  • Thank you everyone well went through it got settled on our way home. Has too come back in two weeks this too shall pass I hate being so weak when I use too be so strong bless you all for listening an helping me xxxxxx

  • Thank you everyone well went through it got settled on our way home. Has too come back in two weeks this too shall pass I hate being so weak when I use too be so strong bless you all for listening an helping me xxxxxx

  • Thank you everyone well went through it got settled on our way home. Has too come back in two weeks this too shall pass I hate being so weak when I use too be so strong bless you all for listening an helping me xxxxxx

  • I know just how you feel.

    My health anxiety has been pretty good until yesterday and for some reason it was triggered and off I went Googling like mad and terrifying myself! I've been off Google for a while but like a moth to a flame I was at it again!

  • I'm sorry it started acting up on you I hate it with a passion just wish I would quit acting this way hope you feel better !!!! Xx

  • I totally know what you are going through. Very recently total panic about my health happened me, I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2005 thankfully in remission since 2006,but recent thorax scan showed harmless lymph nodes so that was ok however I have right side flank pain with 3 weeks I attended my doctor who did thorough physical exam and told me he thinks its muscular, so why am I still panicky thinking the worst about cancer still, it's only recently started and I am nearly making myself ill with all the worry, I told my doctor he said I need to have counselling also, which I intend to soon. The pain is intermittent on and off and I still am getting so nervous. I hope I haven't gone on too much, thanks for listening I feel very lost , I lost my mom last year and my brother also just finished chemo for cancer I guess it's just now everything is hitting me perhaps

  • I understand completely believe me I can't even go to doctors I have such bad anxiety am phobia of meds it's horrible I lost my mom - dad - sister - brother then father in law just to much plus I seem to get angry the way things are I pray you feel better write anytime xxxx

  • Thank you so much for your reply mimisings, i am so very sorry for all your losses it's a terrible feeling for sure, my doc put me on xanax just gave me 14 am also on Prozac with many years, I find the Xanax does help I take one about 10pm but why can't I just stop thinking the worst about the side pain after all a GP can surely tell if something was amiss by physical exam, I would hope so, I have been having degeneration of the spine with years and its possibly that but it needs to go away so to speak, I could of course demand to have MRI and full body ct scans done but am too scared to ask, I had ct thorax I not sure if they can see liver, kindneys, bowels etc on that, I hope you will get to feeling better thank you for listening I am letting this window of this site open and will reply if online, thanks again to you xx

  • Try not too worry I'm sure they would have seen something our mind an body sure can play tricks on us for sure I know it's late there try an get some rest lets try too think on positive things and happy times its hard but we must try for sure as they say this too shall pass we will try to encourage each other bless you pray you have a peacefull night cxxx

  • Please tryiing stay positive I know sound possible to do, suggest maybe take new hobby.

  • *I know it sound impossible to to do*

  • Hello jobrisely

    Thank you for your reply, during my illness in 2005 I kept very positive, I can't understand if its me just being paranoid, I am usually very rational and brave and I don't like these panic attacks I can cry for nothing and that's not me either , it helps to cry though I find it helps to write things down too, I love tv and listening to music and I am losing interest in that too, the thing is I feel silly worrying over something that is probably nothing I just feel like I going around in circles, thank you again jobrisely I appreciate all the advice I get

  • I think the fear of the illness you think you have when in the throes of Medical anxiety is a living Hell!! the fear goes round and round and nothing can help you out of it!! Unless it has been experienced it can not be understood! to reach a point when you feel I want to die 'cause your so depressed by the fear!! I would not wish this on my worst enemy!!!

  • It is a daily struggle believer but lately I feel very angry it seems no one understands an I try not to say much anymore what's the sense my heart goes out to you xx

  • Thank you both for your replies, yes Destinbelle, it is a living hell, it is total fear that probably could be eased in my icase by a simple scope examination but it the fear of if they find something, its a vicious circle, yes mimisings its a daily struggle at the moment, one day at a time i guess, I am awaiting councelling appointment,,hope you are keeping well

  • Been having a rough few days like you test I should have done but won't esp when I have phobia of meds as you say one day at a time hope you have a blessed evening

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