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Hiya all

Iv not been on for a few days, still not feeling too good, all iv done is sleep, cough, take tablets, wheeze, suck on my inhaler, get out of breath............and it goes on, im just shattered with it. I thought i was feeling a bit better today, but no.

Anyone else having the same viral chest infection? I know a few people that have had it.

Iv had it just over a week now.

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I've had it too. I was utterly wiped out by something a lot like flu (nice birthday present) and I'm still struggling to get on my feet. Really agitated tonight by pains in my right shoulder. Health anxiety going wild.

Not a happy bunny, err, lizard!!!!

Hope you feel better soon.xx


Hi linny & fradedlizard

Same here , had it for 3 weeks , thought is was going & today it feels like it has come back !

Health anxiety also going out the roof !

Wonder if its because we are run down

Its good to no we are not alone though

Hope you both feel better soon

whywhy xxx


I just hate being out of breath, i used to be able to run upstairs but i cant atm with getting out of breath, even walkin into the kitchen makes me go for my inhaler. My health anxiety is hitting the roof, i feel guilty that i smoke, even tho im not a heavy smoker and i only smoke menthol cigarettes, im scared in case iv damaged my lungs. Iv been on 2 different types of anti biotics for my chest infection and for my eczema, and yes, iv got bad thrush now too which is driving me nuts. I want to be well again, i feel as if iv been ill for months, which considering i started fluoxetine in october iv been unwell ever since with one thing or another. Will this ever end, iv not been out for weeks and as for housework, i cant do it. Really unhappy atm :~(


O linny

When we are unwell generally , I say that as I have bad health anxiety , but when we are really unwell , it does send us over the top , the more we worry , the weaker we get , then its harder to recover

I am having problems all over having to take a cholesterol tablet , making myself ill , only took one so far & think i have every side effect there is !!! makes me unhappy & so fed up with myself

I am a smoker & i feel guilty but again the more I worry & feel guilty the more i smoke !

Think before I move on to stopping smoking I need to get my anxiety sorted

I no it wont help maybe , but i am sure you dont have lung cancer , my dad doesnt smoke he had this chest for 3 months on steriods the lot , he is only just better , it is a bad infection going around & people are taking a while to recover

The house work will still be there when you are better , unless you have some magic faries that come & do it in the night , remember you are not doing it because you are unwell , not because you are idol , there is a difference

Thrush ..well antibiotics are well known for causing that problem

I no it feels like you will never be well again ..but you will

If you really feel there is no improvement , even though I no you have been already , go back to GP again , i no i would , maybe you need something differnt ?

Try & rest as much as you can , our body needs to heal , just like a wound

Let us no how you go on

Thinking about you

whywhy xxx


If you find the housework fairies, WhyWhy, can you send them round please?!! I really need the help and they seem to have moved out!!!


Oh dear, you don't sound well at all. Thrush is probably caused by the antibiotics so should clear up when you finish the course but that doesn't help you feel comfortable now :(

I know what you mean about housework though. I'm managing to get to work but am really struggling to do anything once I get in at night, except curl up on the sofa and I've been like this for months. I used to do art work, read, etc but now cannot motivate myself to do anything.


I had chest infection- on & off cough most in morning and afternoon rather than night time for 3 weeks and antibiotic didn't work then went back to see dr this evening and gave me codeine litnus syrup which suppose to help and also drink lots of fluids, hot bath and eat plenty fruits such as oranges to boost your immune. Antibiotic dont work with viruses only bacteria. Drink lemon & honey before you go to bed and should help xxx


Thank you for all your replies, if you do come across the cleaning fairies, would you point them in my direction too. I have got some honey and lemon and have been throwing it down my throat every hour, which does work, my throat isnt as sore, considering iv had a bad cough it would be raw by now. I really am not a eating fruit person, but i do like smoothies, so il ave to invest in a smoothie maker, plenty of ice cream too mmmmmmm il ave to look on the argo site now lol

As for the thrush, iv got vagisil cream, which is a godsend. My anti biotics for my eczema run out at the end of the month, it was a months course i was on, my chest infection anti b's run out today, il go the Drs when iv finished them.

Lin x


No worry hun! Keep drinking fresh lemon with honey as they are best cure for everything!!! Sip plenty hot boiling but cool and it help to clear the mucus in the lungs and breathe easily! Try that?? Hope you will feel lot better soon but remember its not serious its time of the year and it spreading very quickly!! Try drink orange juice every morning instead of eating fruit as got vitamin C in it which fight off the cold Xx


would getting the flu jab every year help to not get infections. this is the first chest infection iv had in a while but the worse because iv been asthmatic too, waking up coughing, wheezing and breathless. Scared of needles but if it helps il do it.


If I do find the house work faries , of course i will send them over

Please dont wait though I have a feeling that this could take a while & I dont want you all letting your houses get a tip while waiting hehe

whywhy xxx


Hi Linny, sorry you feel so rotten...this damn flu seems to be running rife at the moment and Lizard! wondered where you were??? and Minnie, bless you. I haven't had this this years as yet and hope I don't either, but I did have the flu jab last year so it does make me wonder if it worked. I really hope you all feel better soon as possible It's a miserable illness and so uncomfortable. My tip honey and lemon and whiskey....can't beat it , Lots of Love x Ella x

I think them fairies are on strike!!! xxxxxxxxxxx


Hiya linny I keep coming on here to write a blog and somebody beats me to it and writes word for word what I wanted to say lol I hope your getting over it I'm going through it at the minute with the horrible cough your talking about and my newly discovered asthma which I always knew about all along but couldnt convince the drs about it again I hope your on the mend and I wish you well. Mel


Hi Linny

Sorry to hear you aint so good. My OH has been the same for ages. Totally wipes him out. Coughing that much his throat and chest hurts.

Sending you big hugs and lots of love. xxx


My anti biotics for the chest infection finished yesterday, i was up again early this morning ~(3.30am) coughing and wheezing. Im so tired of it now. Im sleeping on the couch of a night so i dont wake my OH up with my cough, its been over a week and im just shattered. I still get breathless, iv never had a chest infection so bad or a cough that makes me breathless.


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