Hiya I'm new!

Hi, I'm new to this I thought that it may help me with along with everything else :) I'm 21 and in April I was diagnosed with cancer, I had, had it for a while but thankfully it was treatable with a large operation! I am currently feeling all the mental symptoms of my experience along with constant things going on in my life, in the form of generalised anxiety I am feeling so much better over the past few weeks but some days everything just gets too much. So just wonder if there is anyone else in s similar situation to me or anyone who just wants to give me a little advise about the site :) thanks x


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  • Hi. burno. Thanks for coming on the site. I am sure that many have suffered what you feel and will answer in due course.You are probaly suffering from PTSD. (Post traumatic stress disorder) although only your GP can diagnose. This is no surprise to you as your stress levels must have shot up! This site is about helping each other help each other!! We have all been through the 'mill' so we do know about anxiety and stress. There is no judgement here nor will there be any criticism. You will get a lot of common sense and downright helpful suggestions so keep posting. Very best wishes. jonathan.

  • Hi :) thanks for your reassurance! Yeh the doctor diagnosed me with PTSD, however my counsellor said I cannot be treated for it because of the time scale which got me very confused so I suppose I just dismissed the diagnosis :s

  • Hi. burno. Sorry, what 'timescale'? I do not wonder that you are confused. So am I. No matter how long anyone has suffered from stress or anxiety there is no such thing as 'a point of no return' or a 'time scale'. Did you ask for an explanation of this extraordinary remark?

    If you have heard correctly then, believe me, you are not the only one confused!.

    Can I suggest going on to the Anxiety.UK website and looking up treatment. They do look at PTSD. You may get the help you need there. Best wishes and keep in touch. jonathan.

  • He said that dispite the diagnosis they are treating it as generalised anxiety rather than PTSD, because of the short time it's been since the traumatic events and my symptoms of PTSD e.g. Flashbacks etc are not highly present right now. I have read into PTSD and I can relate to it greatly however ij am currently getting treated through counselling for generalised anxiety and touch wood I seem to be coping well :) although the confusion has not helped but this doesn't surprise me as me and many others just seem to be past from pillar to post sometimes, which cannot helped

  • I'm not surprised you're suffering from anxiety! I'm a nurse and know only too well what you must have been through. Be kind to yourself, you will have good days and bad days. I do and I'm sure most people on here do too. I'm glad I found this site, lots of support and reassurance here.

    Take care of yourself. Love & hugs

    Sue x

  • Hi Burno

    I've just checked the NICE guidelines on PTSD and the period of "watchful waiting" is four weeks - I think April is longer ago than four weeks, so really don't know what you counsellor/GP are talking about! :( Think you should ask them to explain - for heaven's sake, cancer is a major trauma, how can they just dismiss it as "generalised anxiety"????

    Love and hug from me too :)




  • Hi burno and welcome. I was diagnosed with PTSD there is no timescale they just want you to go through the rote of see your GP doesn't work, see MH professional, they refer you on, try CBT, here have a counselor. I don't suffer flashbacks and I don't have nightmares about my accident but I was still diagnosed with PTSD and was offered (after jumping through the hoops above) a PTSD specific form of therapy called EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing. Look it up see if it's something that you think may help you. I never take what 'professionals' say as granted (because I am one) and would question on what your counselor is basing their theory on and how they evidence that. I know that can sound a#sey but done it the right manner it can get you the services you need. btw I think being put under twice in as many days screwed my head up just wondering if you had any similar feelings?

  • Thank u for the very helpful comments :) yeh I am currently half way through CBT and find that it s helping, however I will look up the therapies u suggested! :) do u mean anaesthetic hollow?

  • Yeh sorry, I'm convinced it added to my anxiety if not kicked it off....

  • I defintely agree! The whole experience was terrifying but getting put to sleep for me was horrific, I was convinced I wouldn't wake up and all the other extreme stories you hear in the media.and prior to my op and finding out that's when I felt the physical side of anxiety the most just before my op I know it is probably normal but it was traumatic for me but I was lucky that the nurses were brilliant and let my mum come into the room where they put u to sleep which was brilliant, although traumatic for mum. With me I think my whole experience has set this anxiety off with accumulations of that's not just the one experience, how is it for u?

  • I always feared ever having to go under, the anaesthetist and his team were brilliant (I tried to convince the surgeon to my op without anaesthetic but he was having none of it) That strange feeling of waking up hours later and not knowing that you've been asleep was too weird, like it all happened in the blink of an eye but your missing hours of your life. I feel the meds just played merry hell with my body weeks after, it was weeks after my ops that I had a panic attack, I kept telling people that I wasn't feeling right and that it was the anaesthetic. It was probably a combination of what happened, the bad time I had getting to hospital and believe it or not the bad time I had in hospital but I'm convinced the anaesthetic played a huge part.

  • Yeh I am exactly the same I hate uncertainty and not knowing and for me that's what anaesthetic does! Yeh it sounds like u also had a very traumatic time and I believe these things happen to try us and we r probably doing better than what we give ourselves credit for! :) I cannot fault the support in hospital everybody was so lovely, however it was 60 miles away from my home as I had to see specialists and still do, it's just a shame not everybody has that experience of hospital staff

  • :) mine is 5 min ambulance drive, I eventually got there 45 mins to hour later (a whole blog that one in itself) it certainly was a trying time but I'm still ere to tell the tale. I would go through all that again if it meant I didn't have to have anxiety, that's been the biggest struggle, have to say tho I'm getting there. It doesn't affect me as much as it did do, just keeps coming back to remind me it's not too far away. I feel for you being 21 and having to suffer anxiety after having cancer, you gotta laugh at life it certainly knows how to smack you in the face and then have the audacity to slap you again. Nice to hear you sound positive.

  • Burno firstly hi and welcome. I am so glad that your cancer was treatable. I am shocked though that your not given mental health aftercare as going through something as traumatic as that and also what soldiers go through surely should have good aftercare. I am new to the site but everyone seems so nice and from all different experiences. Have you thought about hypnosis where you are completely aware of whats happening and your not asleep but just relaxed? Sorry but that councilor sounds rubbish and probably isnt worth seeing that particular one if thats the attitude. Have you tried contacting cancer uk? I am sure your not alone facing what you have faced. xxx

  • I know hollow but unfortunately anxiety is just another hurdle in getting over what has happened :/ aww thanks I think I am quite a positive person but I also feel so lucky as it could of been much worse! And I like to think I will have a illness free life after this has blown over and happened when I am so young! :) hi mumma, I haven't thought about other therapies yet as giving the CBT a go first and I shall check out cancer uk thanks :) x

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