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brain shocks

i have been suffering brain shocks all week its like a electric jolt in my head,i heard its a side effect of some antidepressants but i am not on any havent been for 2 years now,i have been to my doctor and he said if they continue after the weekend to go back these things are really scaring me because i keep thinking they are seizures the only medication i am on is b12 injections every 3 months and also i have the nexplanon implant could anyone explain what these are and if they are seizures because the only time i had them was comming off sertraline but like i said that was 2 years ago

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Hi helen

I dont no if I get the same thing , but sometimes when everything is quite & a sudden noise is made that I am not expecting it feels like something in my head jumps , not electric , but like a sudden jolt

For me I think its anxiety & maybe this is the same for you . as in the past you have suffered & with this anxiety , it can come back

Its easy for me to say , but try not to worry , if your GP had thought it was serious they wouldnt have let you walk out & say come back next week

Go back tommorrow , as they suggested & hopefully they will put your mind at ease

Mean while this is a brilliant site , for people with anxiety , as more people see your post , there maybe better answers & suggetions than what I have been able to give

Post on here how you are feeling as much as you want , it can help just getting of your chest how you feel

Let us no how you go on

whywhy xxx


Just to say , I really dont think it will be side effects after 2 years , try not to listen to the horror stories , as we seem to do , & another good suggestion that I have started to do is "dont google it "


thank you for replying and yes like a fool i did a alot of googleling and read a few horror stories about them being signs of seizures and other bad things but i have stopped with the google now as it was making me more anxious and decided to look on the nhs direct site which is where i found this site thank you again for replying


Had to laugh Helen not at you but with you , i was doing just the same a few weeks ago "googling everything " & we go straight to the worst possible thing it could be !!!

Its Monday tommorrow , go to your GP , believe what they say & hopefully you mind will be put at ease

Please use this site when you need it , we all understand

Let us no how it goes

whywhy xxx


well i got in to my doctors and the gp is running blood tests on me tomorrow so will see when i get the test results but she reasured me the zaps are definetly not seizures which reasured me loads and it was noted the last time i had a blood test last year my vitamin D level was low which wasnt mentioned to me when i rang for my results looks like the receptionist who told me the results were fine was wrong so will need to be tested for that again tomorrow as well


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