Brain Tumor or Anxiety????

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and need to speak to someone. I have had a massive fear of having a brain tumor recently, when I developed mild headaches for reasons I dont know. I made the horrendous mistake of googling it and guess what it said? Brain Tumor! The headaches come in episodes and are all over my head. Sometimes days will go by and I won't have one and then other days they'll come and go often. Very rarely are the headaches bad enough to where I've had to take medicine. I've never got any tests or scans done on my brain ever. My problem is I feel I may have other symptoms including Disorientation, brain fog, light headed faint feeling all throughout the day. Keep in mind I've been having what I think is derealization for about a month now. Also I feel like I'm stuttering every once in awhile and some days I feel confused and like I can't type stuff out (maybe that's just me). I really get upset by these symptoms as they do not seem to improve. I have no nightime or morning headache or vomiting or seizures that I can notice. Everyone has told me im being ridiculous! I delt with alot of anxiety from various sources before this started. I've been suffering with anxiety for 5 years and quit my daily medicine, sertraline, cold turkey. (I know, very stupid) Any advice would be very much appreciated. Im scared. Thanks


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5 Replies

  • Hi TuckerWills, Depending how long ago you quit your medication cold turkey, could very well be the withdrawal you are feeling. Once stopping meds even slowly, takes time for your body to readjust. Frequent mild headaches as well as lightheadedness can come from anxiety as well. What I would suggest is to stay off Google, set up an appointment with your doctor to relieve your mind and to get a proper diagnosis. If it is anxiety you are dealing with, the forum will be a place for support and understanding. Take care.

  • Hi thank you for the quick response!! I quit my medicine almost two months ago. That's why this is worrying me so much! The first two weeks when I got off of it I had all the normal symptoms but it's almost two months later and this... I dont know if I could still be going through a withdrawal phase. This whole thing is just scary. I'll take your advice and stop searching symptoms! Thank you

  • Hi TuckerWills, It took me almost 2 years for the withdrawal symptoms to stop completely. They will start to lessen after a while. Still would be best to have the headaches checked out since we are not doctors. Keep us updated.

  • In the summer I thought I had a brain tumour or internal bleeding because every time I moved my head or go on a ride, I'd get this intense pain on the right side above my ear! Like you, I made the horrendous mistake of googling it and got myself paranoid. It did eventually go away, but if yours dont then please go see a doctor to be safe!! Go see a doctor anytime yo feel paranoid, best way to know :)

  • Thank you and I'm sorry you felt that way, it's very scary! Glad you're all better now. I'm going to make an appointment first thing tomorrow!

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