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since october i have been feeling panicky on buses then i feel faint and its horrible,i had to quick college because i kept feeling all drained out where my heart beats so fast, now i cant even sleep get on a bath walk outside or anything because my vision isnt the same i feel more faint and i get panicky all the time i dont know what to do i keep crying and thinking everything is ok but i cant even go out any more or even get a job

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Hi Wellsy, and welcome to the site!

First of all, your life IS NOT RUINED! You are simply (simply? yeah, I know, it's horrible!) - suffering the classic symptoms of anxiety/panic/agoraphobia. Most of the people on this site will identify with at least some of what you;ve described. It's often described as fear in the wrong time or the wrong place, and with the right help you will recover.

The very first step is to see your GP, is you haven't already. They have the skills and access to the right treatment for you - that might be tablets, or counselling, or a mix of the two. But please do go and see your doctor - just tell him/her what you've said above - if you think you'll forget, write it down and just hand the list to them. They'll have heard it all before! And they can get you the right kind of help.

Keep posting, let us know how you get on - lots of support on here from people who've been through what you're going through, and have either recovered or are recovering.

Big hugs n love, hun, and you life ISN'T ruined - you just need help to get is back on track!





Panic attaacks are the worst BUT as Rose says go and see your GP. I assure you that you won't be the first person who they have seen with panic attaks. Get some treatment as soon as so you can get back to leading a good life.My GP was very sympathetic to my problem. Go as soon as poss and good luck.

Sending a HUGE HUG (((((())))))).


hey im in the same boat at the moment i cant leave the house and just want to stay in my room all the time i messed up high school and quit college because of it. my depression and anxiety went away for a while but now its back and worse. the thing is you have to focus on the positive things like the people who are standing by you and waiting to help you in any way. i hope you feel better soon (your life is not ruined its just taking the long way round to where you should be)


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