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Worst night sleep EVER!!!!!

I am so tired this morning I could cry, I haven't had a night like last night since I was jet lagged. I fell asleep last night at about half 9, and then woke up at about 11,20, and I have been unsuccessful in falling back to sleep! I've never been a good sleeper but I usually manage to sleep until about 4am. I have no trouble falling asleep initially, it's just the waking up early and trying to go back to sleep. I've tried everything, reading a book, watching TV, a warm decaffeinated drink, an eye mask and ear plugs but nothing is working. When I wake up, and try to get back to sleep I can feel my heart racing, I try doing breathing exercises but they don't work. I've woken up in a foul mood this morning, and I don't know how I'm going to be able to sit through my childcare lesson from 9-3,30!

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Hi. JB. Insomnia can be a frustrating problem. The more you worry about not sleeping the less chance of going to sleep. The old story. "I am not going to sleep until I have solved this sleep problem"!!! Have you been to your GP? There are a lot of non addictive sleeping pills around these days to help you. Once you get back into the rhythm of sleep then you can come off them. But as I said, the more you worry about it and get in a state the less chance of sleep. The old catch twenty two situation. Your heart is racing from fear. About what will happen to you if you never sleep again!! You will. Nature takes over eventually, and literally puts you to sleep, but it takes time so try to be as patient as you can. I hope you went to your lessons. Getting interested in something may take your mind off the problem. You can only try but above all, try not to worry overmuch. Regards. jonathan


Maybe your child-care lesson ...and the fact you have to be up early is what is making you irritable ?

I know when I have to be up at a specific time in the morning for an appointment I can sometimes resent it if I am not sleeping well. Sometimes I have waited up all night and then to the appointment shatterd and angry !! : )

I always try to make afternoon appointments today : )

Hope this helps , swan : )


I have that problem Swan, I have seen the clock round till the birds sing! I get up now and do something, luckily I can snatch a nap during the day if necessary. But I find it impossible to stay in bed awake.....all my insides buzz like a bee hive. Once I get up it goes away. Always afternoon appointments :) x Ella x


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