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Cant sleep !!

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So i keep getting this strange think happen when i sleep ! Firstly im going to apologise for my description now as i do not know had to discribe this but i will try my best. So in the day i will get constant missing heart beats abd heart palpitations. It gets to night time. Im laying down in bed with my eyes shut trying to sleep. Right im drifting off an i get this feeling of my whole body vibrating quite badly. But it will start off heavy then kind of then slow down. It will last about 4 seconds. Break for 1 second then do it again. While this is happening my heart will feel like its beating 10 x a second. BUT i dont know if it is my heart as i was tryimg to check it while falling asleep and it felt normal when these big thuds were happenin ?!?! This happens until i suddenly wake up panicking because i feel like im having a heart attack. This then happens until i am so exhausted i just fall asleep !

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bro me to . I m trying so hard to sleep:( its 5:16 in my country.heart attacks won't stop .

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What even is it

I no the feeling, that's when I first start having anxiety attacks

What is that feeling tho

I really don't no, but stress can cause your body to act strange, but just no it's not harmful

I think you are frightening yourself half to death, Hollie, and that's the problem. What you describe are the symptoms of anxiety, what started them only you know but you are perpetuating them by flooding your nervous system with the fear on which those symptoms thrive.

Check with your doctor for reassurance but I think there is nothing wrong with your heart. What you must do is accept these symptoms for the time being and attach less importance to them. I assure you they will not give you a heart attack so try to obsess less about them. When you successfully manage to accept them, calmly and with the minimum of fear, then you will become calmer and more relaxed. Then you will cease to generate fear and your nervous system will become de-sensitised and the symptoms will weaken and you will recover your quiet mind.

These feelings will not be with you for ever, they will pass, help them on their way by accepting them and ceasing to give them the attention they don't dederve.

I have had anxiety for about 5 years and i have tried everyrhing. Once i think im getting somewhere a new symptom appears !! I looked it up online and it said about body tremors from anxiety. But i swear this was not normal. Im now terrified of sleeping

As I say Hollie, do talk the tremors over with your doctor for reassurance but it sounds like anxiety to me. Anxiety is very versatile in the way it imitates physical symptoms but it is still anxiety. It also has this ability that even when we know in our heart it's anxiety it can make our brain unwilling to accept it. We all experience it, even old timers like me.

What I was briefly referring to in my other post is the Acceptance method for recovery from anxiety disorder as developed 50 years ago by Doctor Claire Weekes in her first book 'Self help with your nerves' (UK edition) and 'Hope and help with your nerves' (US edition). Her Acceptance method has a huge following and her books continue to be available (new and used) from Amazon: if you care to look it up you will see that of the hundreds of reader reviews 90% rate it Very Good or Excellent. Not bad for a 50 year old book, it has stood the test oftime. Of course she wrote many further books on Acceptance up until her death in the 1990s, she had originally suffered from anxiety disorder herself. She cured herself and then went on yo cure tens of thousands more through her books and her medical practice.

Up your magnesium levels for pals/skipped beats and better sleep. Best by skin absorbtion. Either soak your feet in a bucket for 20 min in Epson Salt (magnesium) or you whole body in a tub. Do it daily about 2 hours before bed and see what happens. Cheap but effective. If you drink coffee, stop. It's also good if you skipp all restaurant/canned/bagged and otherwise processed foods. These foods are loaded with preservatives and other chemicals, such as MSG, that likely attribute to your current problems.

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