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Bin panacking 4 2 full solid days wiv out stopping, dont know how 2 physicaly stop. Its takin me all my might 2 keep still, jst absolutley

Freakin out want 2 run frm these feelins but no where 2 escape.Even though im petrified i went shoppin 2day 4 a couple of hours but panicked all the time. it doesnt matter wot i do, take a bath, go 2 friends or anythin i cant stop freakin out, im pourin wiv sweat + feels like adrenalin bein injected in2 me, my limbs feel like they want 2 leave my body. thought u couldnt hav a panick attack thats so intense + last 4 so long. My mums suffered frm this all her life + shes said it sounds like after a panick attack ur stayin in an acute state of anxiety which makes u feel like ur in a constant panick attack. I dont hav worryin thoughts, i dont worry about my health or anythin im jst terrified of the fear, in which is so frightenin wen u dont know wot ur so scared of. Plus ive bin on 50mg of sertreline 4 5 wks + which isnt workin. Does anybody else hav this sort of panick, plus any suggestions plse wen feel like im at the end of the road + cant carry on much more.xx

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Please try calm and I think you panic because you worry about fears which fuel to your panic/anxiety in your mind! Try ignore it, take deep breath, open window in your room and take light off but leave lamp on and lie down, relax for 10 min or whatever you like and try think all good things that make you smile, then make a cup of hot drink before you go to bed and keep reminding yourself you will get through it and get lots support from here as you are NOT going through it alone! Wish I can give you hugs! There is nothing to be scared of, its your mind that winding you up and make you feel ill! Xx


Thank u, i know im my own worst enemy but cant seem 2 stop this constant thoughts of thinkin im panickin. Like i said b4 im an analatic thinker and i jst stay focosed on the panick all the time. Im normaly a really strong person + hav really tried 2 not focus + ride the panick out but nothin seems 2 work wen im this bad. breathin exercises dnt work i think it might b bcause its not an full blown panick attack but an acute state of anxiety that im constantly in. Do u or know of any1 else who has this constant state of panick. Bcause mine arent random attacks that go away + i dont worry about my health or that im gonna die like a lot of othet people on ere seem w feel. It must b awful 2 b scared of everything like that + bein paranoid all the time, its not that underestimatin how bad that must b its jst that my anxiety is different bcause there is lots of different anxieties.


Try this site - LOTS of exercises to help you calm down:-

Find a paper (NOT, repeat NOT plastic!) bag - an envelope will do - you're probably hyperventilating - put the bag/envelope over your mouth and nose, and breathe in an out into the bag., inflating it like a baloon. It's called "rebreathing" and balances the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood - which we breathe too much out when we hyperventilate. You need to do it for a while, but by rebreathing your exhaled air, you're breathing back the excess carbon dioxide.

Try this - if you have a clock/watch with a sweep second hand - breathe in - preferably from your stomach if poss - as the sweep hand goes from, say 5 to 10, breathe out as it goes from 10 - 15. then in from 15 - 20, and so on. If you haven't got such a clock watch, breathe by counting - In - 2 - 3 -4 Out 2 - 3 -4 Again, it slows your breathing and rebalances the oxygen/CO2 in your blood.

Another one i use which I find helpful - don't worry about the in-breath, but as you breathe out, through your mouth, blow the air out as slowly as possible.

Please try one or more of these - they DO work though you have to keep at it.

Good luck, keep posting, we're here for you!




Hi love, All the above advice is fantastic but please do the breathing methods described by Rose, they are a little boring and don't always give immediate results but they do work. I shoved them to one side for years but bitterly regret it now! I didn't understand what my body was doing and how the breathing helped to balance this. Also love it sounds as if you are in a sensitised state, where anxiety never leaves you. You are adding fear onto fear and although it won't harm you it feels as if it is going to do . Feelings are just that...... feelings. Even the most balanced person has them. We have all been afraid but naturally.....when there is a threat to us. You have learnt your body to feel fear when there is no reason for it. I know it's hard to grasp but when this feeling comes ,accept it, say " ok, you are here, now bugger off" and brush it to the side. Keep doing that.Try and consciously relax the muscles as soon as you realise they are tensed. Don't struggle, breathe correctly, and carry on quietly with what you are doing. Repeat as often as you have to, all the time if necessary. It does take a lot of practise but it will get the message eventually..The key words here are ACCEPT, RELAX and BREATHE. Don't add second fear....don't give the anxiety importance it doesn't deserve it. You deserve a rest so look after yourself my sweet, and keep posting Love and Hugs x Ella x


Thank u so much, but ive bin doin my breathin + relaxation techniques 4 about 5wks but it aint helpin. Im doin my breathin rite takes practise but hav learnt 2 do it, it does help but only wen its not as severe as i am now. Dont feel like im hyperventilatin at all but u can b wiv out realisin apparently. Feel like im headin bck 2 square 1 + havin a breakdown again. The problem wiv anxiety is it might not harm u but wen ur in a state like this it messes wiv ur mind + feels like torture. Used 2 find the depression debilitatin enough. I know im bein so negative but wen im so bad i find it impossible 2 think clearly + possitive. Cant even care about the normal things like my family who r my life its like everythin i care about goes out of the window. Ive always bin really strong all my life, had so many ups + dwns but never felt as frightened + vunerable as i do now. xx


Hi ya you've got some good advice from people on here and your trying some your on sertraline did your dr explain that they may make it worse before they start to work some drs are not very helpful about this they give you the prescription and that's it go and see the dr again and tell them how your doing . It sound as tho your in a constant state of anxiety due to the panic attacks once you've had one they leave you in a state of fear it will happen again and while you think this it will remember the panic attack cannot hurt you physically but it will tire you out I know when an attacks happening its difficult to think clearly but that's the route to calming down and lessening the effects talk to yourself or write down how your feeling whats happening and if you can whats setting it off . I know how your feeling and its a horrible feeling I know I used to be like it i used to get them at night mostly and i d go.For miles with the dog trying to calm it and never doing it until i was exausted and I never thought I could stop it but I did and I hope you will too good luck we'r all with you Mel


Leehow, please calm down as best as you can. All of the above is sound advice. I have just experienced this myself for the first time... I had a panic attack on 29th December and the symtoms just never left me. Obviously this made sleep absolutely impossible and it was not too long before the horrors of sleep deprivation - paranoia, desperation etc. began to kick in. After a while, even though the panic attack may have subsided, the sleep deprivation keeps you wired.

Please remember: the panic can not harm you. And there are drugs, if you're Doctor is good, that can calm you down and/or get you to sleep if you need help with that. I was prescribed Zopiclone which has helped me sleep and I have been able to start managing the anxiety myself, normally.

ABOVE ALL: This is NOT a pernament state and though you're mind will be difficult to control - you need to keep telling yourself that. Go see a Doctor, urgently.


Yeah i know im under the crisis team, hav bin 4 the lst 6wks i dnt think they know wot 2 do wiv me bcause they r sayin its strange that i panick 4 no reason but like u said i know its pure + simply jst the pure fear of fear thats keepin it goin. Ive tried a lot of meds wiv no sucsess i feel like it doesnt matter wot i take nothin can help. U lose hope after so many times.I did calm the attacks dwn 4 a short while + they then came bck even worse, im really strong + hav tried my bst but i cant seem 2 control this fear which never leaves me, wen its so constant it drives u insane, think im headin 4 a breakdwn again. Really strugling 2 keep still 4 the lst few days bin in hell feel like im speeding, dont know weather is the seryreline or jst me?


P.S also intolerant 2 a lot of medication. Dr is good but has said im very sensitive 2 meds. Trust me if this wasnt the case i would + hav tried everything.


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