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mixed feelings dont know what to do?

Hi all as part of my recovery i need to start socialising properly but im scared.Ive got a friend that wants to come round and see me one day this week who i havent properly seen in 10 months.Ive seen her at the local shops and had a brief chat with her but ive been putting it off and ive text her saying she can pop round this week for a catch up im so scared of my symptoms and as usual im imagining having an attack whilst shes here and feeling awful as the last time she was here i felt awful.I know ive got to do this my therapist says so too.Also ive had another friend text me wanting to see me and he was somebody i was sort of involved with but i pushed him away cos of my anxiety and the way i was feeling symptoms again i was so anxious when he was round.However he has a girlfriend now so there would be no involvement but when he text me i became anxious now im thinking how am i going to cope with seeing him?weve always been good friends known him for years.Im worried cos i dont know how im going to feel seeing him what if i panic?he does know a little bit about my anxiety as when he text i explained im slowly getting there but he will have to bare with me as im not used to having people round me apart from dad.He said thats fine ive known him long enough.Now im worried how am i going to cope and its making me anxious and sensitised.I know its all good practice for me im just scared.I know how i felt over xmas when i had my family here and the other week i went to my sisters and had an attack.I know what i should be doing and i want to see my friends im just really scared ive got chest discomfort and choking feeling just thinking about it and when my friends text me my heart started to pump and i went all lightheaded if im like this now what will i be like when friends are here?advice needed please

claire xxx

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Tell them you,d love to see them but too understand although you are looking forward to the meeting that you are not sure how you will cope but hope they will understand and to come anyway.....

BE HONEST.........I used to have to address people and if I felt this way I was honest and said before i start that i,m really nervous and if i stutter (i did not have that) would someone fill in the gaps.....this puts everyone at ease and sometimes a smile...and guess what it relaxes you and you sail through....

People don,t like saying this because of there self appear look good and not fail...what will others think..etc..And this all comes from one of our greatest holdbacks..THE EGO

I can tell you are not egotistical, but like us all you probably care too much what others think...stuff them, good friends are good friends no matter how you


Hiya Claire

You could perhaps start your own self-help group ...that way you would get to see people and at the same time be involved in something you understand .

swan :)


Hi Claire, I know how you feel love, the amount of friends I have lost by putting them off is unbelievable. I am of an age now where I fully admit my anxiety and if folk don't like it they can lump it. My "real" friends do understand and give me space. It is a struggle trying to be "normal" but you are young and do need fellowship, as do we all. Very good question and I would love to have the answer but this is a big problem to me too. These are the times i wish we all lived near each other x Ella x Love and Hugs To You Claire x


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