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In tears :-(

Feeling anxious this afternoon for no reason and bad thoughts come in my head like

1- what if CBT counselling doesn't help?

2- what if my anxiety don't get better?

3. Will I gonna live my life like this?

4. Saw some negative posts on this site that CBT didn't help which worry me.

As I haven't been diagnosed with health anxiety but I believe myself I have it because I worrying about health such as what if headache is brain tumour and etc but been reassured by nurse that I don't have it and had a blood full count test and result is normal. She had refered me to see CBT counselling since 3rd dec and hopefully to see a counsellor in few weeks time. I don't have any sleep problem and I don't really get panic, only bad thoughts and feeling anxiety.

Do you think I have health anxiety? Panic? Depression?

Sat in bed with hubby while watching tv and he fell asleep after a morning shift this morning and I start crying but didn't want to wake him up and reaslied I haven't been crying for a long time since I got anxiety about 2 months.

Feeling bit in the dump and just want my old life back and be happy!! :-(


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Minnie, hun - so sorry you're feeling so down - but DO NOT worry about crying - it's good for you! Honest - they've done experiments and "sad" tears have toxins in them that the tears you get from, say, peeling onions, don't have. So tears are actually good - they get rid of nasty stuff in your body! Crying is good, hun, it's worse when you cant cry - and you say you haven't cried in the 2 months since you got anxiety. It may well be a bit of a breakthrough - like the iceberg melting?

I don't know if you have health anxiety, my love, we're not professionals, and anxiety can take many strange forms. But why not try to "flip" the questions at the top of your post? Like

1. Won't it be great if CBT works for me!!!

2. My anxiety WILL get better!

3. I am NOT going to live like this forever!

4. So, CBT doesn't work for everyone, but it might for me. If it doesn't, I'll try something else!

I know it's not easy, love, but try to be positive. We can spend our lives with the "what ifs?" - what if the car crashes, what if i lose my job, what if I can't pay the rent/mortgage, what if - what if - what if. ........ Try not to look too far ahead, try to break the day into hours - half hours - whatever works. And - you could try a motto I've just started using "Do what you can, not what you can't."

Hope this helps, my sweet!

Lots of love



PS and come into my garden! ;)


What a brilliant answer, I can definitely take a lot from what you've said too. I've done CBT too and found it really really helpful. But having a bad day and the negative thoughts are really hard to ignore when they seem so loud.

Thanks for a bit of perspective.


Hi minnie, sat ere cryin my eyes out also, its all i do lately + never felt as desperate in my life + thought life was hard all ready. So sorry i couldnt b more supportive but feel 2 terrible 2 function properly at the moment. im sure u will get better + i think cbt will help u 2 change ur thought process + it does work 4 some people:-)


Thank ladies, how strange before I cry I feel down but after cry feel bit better as its like release all nasty feelings out so has had just told my hubby and then cried again, he cuddled me and said you will get better with counselling and won't leave me so felt bit relieved. It's not nice when people feel like this but in a long run it will make us stronger. I've just emailed my uncle about it because he had those experience and told me to not feed anxiety with my bad thoughts but its hard to ignore it but things will get better and he believe that counselling will help me, finger crossed! Xx

Lee, I know how your feelings, you can cry much as you like as like rose said it will rid of toxic in you which is good! Pls go back to gp and maybe change tablets as it might dont suit you cos you still feeling adrenaline. Try to not sleep with clothes & shoes as first step tonight and see how it goes? Hugs xx



Everything has been said , so just sending my love to you :-)

whywhy x


The biggest problem or stigma of mental health is people hinting that if you have this problem you will have it for life.....bullshit (sorry)

I know people who had hospitalised better.......and now have moved on to greater things...and are well...

These gossip merchants people should be bound and gagged as really they know nothing, they just heard it!!!! (probably from a drunk dustbin)


Well said mate . I've been hospitalised ... and went on to fly aircraft !!!!!

If we buy into people filling our heads with gloom it can certainly have its effect.


Hi Minnie,

Sorry you have not been feeling too good recently. Have you felt like you have no energy, that your mind is racing all the time with all sorts of thoughts that are bad and make you feel anxious and under confident ? Has anything happened recently that you can think of that may have triggered how you are feeling now? CBT can be very useful but you must keep working with for it to work, but once in the swing of it you can change a lot of how you think and replace the negative with better thoughts. I found it the opposite, that I could not cry and when I did feel like crying it was very random. I also think that is important to have people around you that understand and care for you, it is very difficult to face anxiety alone, so by the sounds of it you do have a lot of support which is good. Don't be too hard on yourself, you will come through this! Stand firm, gain whatever help you require maybe look to see if there are somethings in your life that you could change that may help you divert from these bad thoughts. When you feel anxious regarding your health, is it becaue of any bad experiences? such as losing a loved one or maybe you are very happy and do not want anything to go wrong, that sort of thing. If you want to message me please feel free if you need to offload.

I have been suffering from depression for a long while and this over the years brought on anxiety and it got so bad I went from being a fairly outgoing and fairly confident person to almost a shell and thought that I was getting anxious over everything. I finally went to the dr.'s and I am feeling much better but I did require medication to help me back on my feet and I think that as long as I work hard at what I am asked to do or try, then I will get back on track. I am by no means perfect and find it hard to reflect my thoughts onto more pleasant things but I keep trying to block any negative thoughts as soon as they spring to mind.

I hope that some of this helps, let me know how you are getting on!

Kind Regards,




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