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I really don't understand why I'm plagued with anxiety still???

I had a panic attack earlier tonight. I haven't had a full blown panic attack in a while but it passed quite quickly. After all the counselling, cbt and medication I just wonder why it's still here? I know there isn't a magic pill I can take but even knowing what each physical symptom of a panic attack means, I still just don't get it? I just want to be well. I expect I had a panic attack because I've felt really anxious all day for no apparent reason. I feel fine now but scared that I will have another panic attack. I don't really have a question, just didn't want to feel alone :)

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Hello. I've been learning that people who have panic attacks will always be prone to them. As bad as that sounds I guess there is some comfort in knowing that we will get through it. You are not alone. Anxiety can rear it's ugly head even in the moments we are doing good. I've been learning to enjoy life, the good and the bad. Keeping a positive outlook has really helped me.


I suffer with anxiety but keep a book by Claire Weekes, an Australian psychiatrist, handy. It is called self help for your nerves. She teaches you to accept all the horrible feelings that go hand in hand with anxiety and panic. Let the feelings come let them do their worst, keep on working and let them wash over you. Eventually they stop coming if you accept them for what they are - physical feelings of no medical importance!

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I am in the same place. Have been feeling really well for four weeks now, barring that cold everyone has, but last night I woke with nosy blocked and mouth clamped shut, not breathing. The nose things is weird, not related to colds (a cold improves it actually...) And when I have a cold I just breathe through mg mouth! Anyway. It set me off proper racing heart etc, thoughts of death, etc etc.

I did calm down quicker than before the CBT/EMRD but why am I like it at all?

All I can say is, I calm down better these days and I know I do not have any of the diseases etc I was terrified about.

It is frustrating not to be cured, but I guess we just have to use our techniques that work for us and get over each attack as quickly as we can.

Good luck! -worrymagic


Thank you all for responding. Although I don't feel anxious today, I feel very low. I know I have to accept anxiety but I'm really struggling to at the moment. I would like to be able not to think about it for one day at least. Anyway I'm going to buy Claire weeks book and try and get myself up again :)


hi scully.dont be scared.of another panic attack,put into pratice what you learned at cbt,and always think had one after a long time,and you got over it,and you know that being afraid of it will bring it on again..I know its horrible,I have been there,still having a lot of setbacks,but I can assure you,if you talk yourself into a frame of mind,that you dont CARE whether you have a panic attack or wont have know its fear thats feeding the Miarose..xxxxx.


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