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Is this depression or anxeity

I am just going to write how I feel as I've posted a few things over the Xmas period.

I feel tired

I feel iraitable

I am shouting at my kids

I keep thinking about my teeth ( dentist visit on thurs said fine but need to see hyginest)

This made me upset that at 32 can't even clean my teeth prop.

I worry if they touch n r a little sensitive

I hate that there are two reseeding.

But I can

Get up dressed make up & hair done

Kids dressed & out to park/ducks/etc

Chat to hubby over wine (even though this Anxiey bout my teeth is driving him up the wall)

Go to work & chat interact with customer base & colleges

Cook family dinner

Do housework/shopping


Take photos of my kids

Some days are lovely and like flipping a coin others like this wkend are poop

Any advise welcome

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Sounds to me like you need a break! You could be having both as anxiety and depression go hand in hand. If it helps I clean my teeth regular and I'm nearly 30. I went to the hygenist as a teenager cos I used to wear braces and couldn't clean my teeth throughly. And I had to have a filling last year. I also have sensitive teeth and use the special toothpaste which helps a lot. Ask your dentist and you'll find that this is all normal at our age as we eat more processed food than we used to and I bet they've seen a lot worse!


Hi Emski - well, as you know, we're none of us professionals to make a diagnosis, but sounds like good old "stress" to me - getting irritable, worrying too much about your teeth, all sound like stress/anxiety - NOT depression. Oh, and look, hun, you're not the only person to see a dental hygienist - if you were, there wouldn't be any, cos they'd all be out of jobs. it's not a question of not being able to keep your teeth clean, hygienists have different techniques - they have to train for that very purpose. It's a bit like being cross at having to go to the hairdresser because you can't cut your own hair!

Are you under any particular pressure atm, hun - sorry if you've posted about this and I've missed it - cos that might explain it. You could try some relaxation exercises, - these are good:-

Hope this helps, lots of love hun




Well Bout may last year it all started Hubby was out of work,money etc, work was stressful, baby was 14m I'd been back at work for 5m hubby looked after kids, I was stressing bout it all , saw HV she thought was PND but saw doc who said try anti depressants which I didn't, doc put ref in the mental health team don't know why as when I had my app he said its everyday "life" causing anxeity/depression i had counciling from aug/sept till she went ill ment to start ageing this month and my CBT adviser who i started in nov said I am obsessing over my teeth as a coping tool

Same way I used anorixia when in my teens for being builled/ parents splitting up x


Hi Emski

Nearly every one I no goes to the dental hyginest , & its not because their teeth are going to drop out or they dont clean them , infact people that have been have always said what a better clean they do than the dentist & what good advise they were given , & they want to go back again !

Dont take it personally , its nothing you are doing wrong , your anxiety seems to focus on your teeth , used to have the same problem & yours wont fall out , but if i put my tongue round my teeth i can think "o that felt strange " still got them though lol

Looking at your list of what you can & dont do , i would focus on all those positives you do, which is alot & you should be proud dealing with your anxiety as well as all that list you do !

Hope you get some "me " time

in all that for you , busy working mums sometimes forget & they do need & deserve some , including you :-)

whywhy xx


You sound very similar to me. I still function pretty normally, in terms of daily tasks/routines, however I have extreme anxiety.

My doctor did say to me that the anxiety was the primary thing, with secondary mild depression. If we can solve the anxiety then the mild depression will go away too.


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