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Is this normal?

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I will be sitting chatting away to someone or even in a shop and I'll feel relaxed but out of nowhere I start to feel weak, tingling sensations in my face and head, and end up feeling like I am going to go into a full blown panic attack.

Does this happen to anyone else?

I don't need a reason for my anxiety to be triggered it just happens even when Im relaxed 😞

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I think this can probably happen until your body is fully unsensitized from anxiety which can take a long time even if your not anxious all the time. So I think it’s pretty normal as maybe your body isnt used to not feeling like it’s in panic mood

Hi allthingsprettyxx, it is a common occurrence in people with anxiety while sitting and chatting away. We tend to focus on what we are saying, enough so that we start to hyperventilate or actually hold our breath to get the last words out. It's what causes you to start feeling weak and tingly in your face and head.

Besides hydration being important, it is just as important to allow the other person to get in a few words so that during that time we should be listening as well as deep breathing to restore our balance. Anxious people do not like a lull in the conversation and so we tend to feel it our responsibility to keep the chat going, not allowing for a breath in between.

Your anxious mind is always going a mile a minute and doesn't care if you are relaxed or not. It will hit you at any time. Practicing deep breathing while at home on a daily basis can have quite an effect on feeling more in control when you do go out or you are in a store or you are just sitting back and relaxing. xx

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Thank you for your advice!xx

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Fabulous post agora as usual great advice x

Yes I still get this from time to time. I hold my breath and slow breathe out a few times it seems to help x

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I'll try it thank you x

This happened to me two days ago while I was completely relaxed and watching TV . I had a panic attack and it devastated me . Then I started looking up ways to deal with panic attacks and the most universal answer see is to let it happen and not react to it . Which sounds sooooo much easier than it actually is. The less you react the less you'll have them and then eventually they will go away . I've also heard that when ever you get anxiety symptoms to let them flow through your body and pass and not get worked up. Because the second you do your continuing the vicious cycle. The hard part is relaxing and accepting the symptoms when they show face . Which is what I'm struggling with now . Because I really don't want to take meds you know. Hope this helps you . But you are not alone . Happens to the best of us .

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KrissNique, it is what has worked for me as well as many others on the forum. Something so simple and yet so difficult for the anxious mind to accept. But it does work. xx

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I'll have to try it!xx

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I'll try and do that, yes definitely sounds easier then it will be😞 thanks for the advice!xx

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Great advice I need to work hard as I fuel my anxiety when panic starts I'm getting tingling in my face and hands know horrible.x

happens to me had two bad ones recently and mildish one yesterday walking the thing to do is try to stay focused on what your doing but it is hard.

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Yeah fingers crossed we all feel better from anxiety soon!xx

Social anxiety ?

I also experience this


Anxiety is a horrible thing and when we experience it we feel like it's happening to us, the truth is however that we create the anxiety. It can be triggered by such a little thing but once our minds discover the trigger we play out the narrative that takes to the panic point or what feels like is almost the panic point.

We have to train our minds to think differently. I discovered that the best way to deal with mine was to make my breaths deliberate and count them 1 to 10. So one breath in and out is one...etc. At the same time I would repeat to myself..."calm down, this will pass and you will be fine, it has passed before and will pass again, I'm being silly, this is so silly, c'mon now, you can do this, calm down." - I would say this to myself while counting my breaths to ten, sometimes I needed count further, I would go back to 1 and start might find this works for you. Please try and have confidence that this is in your control, no one has ever died of a panic attack, by their nature they are irrational so you can do this.

I'm not even going to wish you good luck because I have confidence e that you will beat this.

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Only just saw this but thank you for the advice I will try that technique and see if it works for me.

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Hey girl, Lol I know this is an old post BUT....

I get this all the time too as you know it’s not pleasant. At least we’ve got each other to talk to :) always here for you my friend X

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Only just saw this! Thank you so much! That’s so true!xx

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