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After waiting 4 weeks I finally have an appointment with my gp tomorrow. I'm really worrying about what to say to her. Do I just walk in and say I believe I'm suffering from anxiety or tell her about my first attack? I'm unsure & worrying about this how to approach the subject when she says what can I do for you. Any help or experiences would be fab. Thanks xChloex

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Hi. chloe. Be totally and absolutely frank with your GP. They have heard it all before and with one in five of the population suffering stress related problems it is not surprising. You really must not feel awkward or ashamed of how you feel. This will only inhibit your ability to be open about your feelings. If you want a cry, then cry. If you can shock a doctor then you have really achieved something!!! As you seem so unsure I will say again. Spill the beans, the lot, open up. That way you will get the right treatment or medication. Hope all goes well. Keep us posted.


Hi Chloe

I no those words " what can i do for you " makes me feeze before I start !

If it was me & I do , I tell them everything , even if it means me starting from scratch , I see someone regular so I just have to pick up from where we left of lol but if it was my first time or someone new I was seeing , they would have to hear it all !

Remember nothing yoy say they wont have heard before , they are there to help , not judge , the more you can tell them , the better picture you will give them to let them access what is going to be best for you to help

If you really struggle or think you will , write it all down & if you feel you cant get it all out , then pass them what you have written

I no its daunting , but try not to worry , we have all been there & before you no it you will have been & be back home & no doubt feel a weight lifting of your shoulders

Good luck , will be thinking about you , let us no how you go on , keep posting :-)

whywhy x


Thank you all advice taken onboard & tip about writing down everything is great I prefer to write everything as I don't want to leave anything out. Thank you all so much I will keep you posted xChloex


Hi Chlo! I find it easier to write down how I feel and hand the list over to the doc! He takes it and reads it and we go from there or I forget half the things I wanted to say. So glad you are going, let us know how you go on love x Ella x


Thank you Ella lovely to see how much support out there Chlo xx


I went to my Drs in October because i couldnt cope with my anxiety/panic any longer, i broke down in front of her and explained as best i could through my tears how i felt, but she had the jist of what i was trying to explain. As soon as i calmed down enough, i explained better and how long id been suffering and she prescribed fluoxetine, and told me i needed them.

I did feel slightly embarrassed but i was passed caring any more i just wanted to get better and im only just starting to feel my mood lift. Iv still a long way to go, its still early days but im feeling slightly better as the days go by.


Good on you linny, I don't feel embarrassed as I've been on here and know others are suffering the same. It's just the first meeting with my gp she's one I haven't seen before. I'm sure once I'm in there it's all going to come flooding out. Glad your feeling better, keep your chin up and let us know how your getting on Chloe xx


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