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How do I explain this to loved ones?

I find it very difficult to explain the anxiety that I have to my girlfriend. I didn't get help for it for a long time and I never talked about it to anyone untill recently. She was upset at first when I told her but she tried to understand. Now when I talk to her about it she always tells me stop worrying so much...she even says she gets frustrated that I get this. I don't know what to say that will make her understand. I was able to keep it to myself and control the physical symptoms of it to an extent for so long I think it's hard for her to believe. any help would be very much appreciated.

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I really feel for you. My partner gets irritated when Im spaced out and says Im not listening to him. I'm waking at 5 feeling anxious in my tummy at the moment.

Well done sharing.


I think it depends on the person, my husband has never been understanding. It would be nice if she could help you. You do not mention if you are on medication? I found that relaxation tapes were a huge help. Anxiety is very hard to overcome but it is possible. Tell your girlfriend that you need her support and you are not weak to suffer these symptoms as lots of people suffer them, you will not always be like this etc. Some are stronger than others, some inherit things etc. Be strong 😊😊😎

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Hello Shamus08 I suffer from anxiety too. And I find it very difficult to explain how I feel to family and partner. A guy I was with a long time ago used to say “just get over it“ Well that's not what you want to here! I get mine the must at night time so I find it very difficult to sleep at my partners house even with all the things I do and use to help me sleep at home. I explained it like..... I'm in a small box and this box isn't letting me go to sleep and its boiling my blood. I don't no how or why it's stopping me but it is, then you get to much in your head and it makes it all a lot worse..... Hope this helps in any way x


Hi there ,I have suffer with anxiety for years now I am a mother to 3 sons ,my youngest son has give me every problem under the sun I cant get rid off my anxiety because that's my son ,but the only way u can explain to some one is,,,,it like a big wave coming toward you ,do you run or do u let it wash over you ..we with anxiety run,


Thank you all for helping. I never thought anxiety would be so difficult to deal with. I think I probably use to think it was as easy as "getting over it" or "not worry about everything". I know now it's not that easy. I've also found that being a man going through this brings on its own challenges from the outside. Many people think men need to be strong and just "get over it" I've even lost a good childhood friend over depression and anxiety because he and his family were either too judgmental or unsupportive of what I go through. It helps to know there are others who do understand what it's like.


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