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Pariond about aureyum?!?

Hi I'm bit worried as I was asleep but woke up because of sharp needle or pin poking on my right side of head near the ears but it last few secs then come then go every 3-4 secs but stopped now.... Not headache but sharp needle poking?

Pariond what if its tumour or aureyum etc?? To be honest I did googled I wish I never did!!!! Is it called ice pink headache?!?

P.s its not anxiety cos it happened when I was asleep then twice this afternoon only last few secs

Please reassure me lovely people?? Xxx

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Minnie , what you doing googling ???? (shocked face if I could do one )

I still believe we can be stressed when asleep to be honest , I wake up several times in the night & even though I have been sleeping my mind is still going , i also wake up because I grind & clench my teeth , which again is anxiety , so I believe we can still be anxious in our sleep but we dont always realise it

Minnie I get sharp pains shoot through my head lasting a few secs , had them for years , sometimes we just get aches & pains , the thing with us is we focus in on them & then let it turn into anxiety , where most get them & just dont think any thing about it

Minnie you have not got a brain tumour , had several people in my life that has & no matter what you have read , these are not the symptoms , not at all

Try & relax hun & not feed this thought , or it will become a fear , please trust me you havnt got one

What about popping in Rose's garden for a bit , its open today !!!





I know :( :( so sorry!!!!!!! but i havent been googling for a long time.

Ah really i didnt know that people can get anxious during their sleep as i never knew that, maybe its why but i did remember i was bit anxious about what if, if and if during my asleep and has to wake up then trying to ignoring it

I will try to believe you all even my favourite nurse that i dont have brain tumour. Yes it is anxiety that made me think like that.

Just let you know that im not taking magensium and fish oil with vitamin b complex anymore now because im on folic acids, aspirin 75mg, letrazole ( ferility drug to help me to get pregnant, ovualting and increase womb thickness lining) with vitamin e so i decided to stop taking vitamins, only taking what my consultanrt gives it to me cos i believe im taking enough of vitamins out of the diets such as vegs, fruits and blah.... took your advice too :-)

Oh yes im going to join the garden party in mins, may ask rosie to make me a really fat big hot chocolate with extra thick whipped cream where i can lick it off for hours (dont get wrong idea even for the guys if they look at me hahaha ;-p

Thank you for your reassure again my lovely whywhy xxxxxxxxxxxx


Yes, Minnie, hun, come into the garden, got lots of lovely soothing drinks - you like camomile tea, don't you? Or hot chocolate? Whatever you want, my love, it's here! Just like on the grass or sit on a swing, smell the flowers, feel the sun on your face, and r e l a x xxxx ..... whoops, sending myself off then!

Honey, for literally YEARS i used to get a pain down through the top of my head, just felt like someone was sticking a knife in it. That was 40 years ago - I'm still here - well, think I am ;)

Come and join me on the camomile lawn and chill, my sweet!

Lots of love





Rosie..... Yes i'm coming in a min but excuse me had to go to loo to put fat liner on cos im on the time of month and dont want it to get through when i go on the swing lol..... Oh would love a big fat hot chocolate with extra thick whipped cream pretty please so i can lick it off for hours! dont get wrong idea haha :-)

YES was bit worried when i felt something like someone poked the needle on my head on the top upbelow the ears and it was like few secs then go then come then disappeared.... believe its nothing serious my red rose??

Oh will there be some uv glowing fairies? butterflies? also candles lits everywhere?? it would cheer me up even more!!!

Hugs ( gentle cos dont want to hug you too hard otherwise the rose petal will be falling everywhere!!! want to keep you firm and blossom!!) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

YES im going to keep away from GOGGLE!!


Yes, my sweet, your hot chocolate awaits with lots of whipped cream on top - enjoy, my lovely Minnie.

Yes, hun, you can be anxious in your sleep, that's why lots of people grind their teeth in their sleep and don't know it! I've looked up brain tumour and aneurysm - which is what i think you were afraid of - and NEITHER of them have the symptoms you describe, sweetheart! We all get the odd ache and pain and it's usually nothing, so - come into the garden, I've ordered the butterflies specially for you!!! :D

Lots of love



Mmmm..... that was a lovely hug, hun, thank you! :) xxxxx


Ah thank you for the lovely big extra fat hot chocolate, so so nice!!!! :-)

Ah thank you for your reassure again my lovely and feeling bit better! ah those pretty uv glowing butterflies is fly around us and they are sooooo pretty even when its so dark but glowing at us..... dont we love it??? could stay there all night and sleep on the fresh scent chamomile lawn grass and sleep on monkey tummy just like a pillow :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Minnie,

No not anything nasty :)

I worry when I'm asleep, I know because I wake up and my mind is already working something out!!!! Quite worrying to think it's been talking to it's self all night!!! More likely sinuses as they cause odd little pains through the top of yr head, esp if you've had a cold/congestion recently.

Heading off to the Garden now, the glowing butterflies sound lovely. Not sure about the monkey though - a bit scared of them!!!!

Take Care,



Yeah minnie plse dnt google, even me has totaly stoped. i dnt know much about hlth anxiety but can assure u that it is all comin frm anxiety. anxiety does hav a knack of comin in the nite + this is totaly normal. u said u had issues wiv ur chilhood, hav u talked 2 ur GP about this? maybe u need councilling like som form of phycopherapy 2 look bck in2 ur past. kindest regards Leeanne.x


Lee... I know hun my nurse know already about my anxiety and I already got counselling and they know about it, they are helping me as well so I'm easily worrying person! X


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