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Holiday to barbados

I am off to Barbados in April, I am really looking forward to it, there is just one little thing, I'm worried about the 8 hour flight. I have been flying for years, even with panic attacks and anxiety and have always had some rescue remedy, which does take the edge off of the worrying, but this is the longest flight I have ever done and I am freaking out already. What if I have a panic attack and want to get off, what if I can't

breathe, what if there is bad turbulence, what if, what if , what if? I just can't stop worrying. I know once I am their apart

from the daily anxiety I face, I am going to enjoy myself so much, but how do I stop the worrying now before I make myself ill?

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I went to Australia for my honey moon and had never flown before ,I went to my doctor and explained I was very nervous etc, he gave me some tablets,I can't remember what they were called (it was 7yrs ago) lol xxx


I,ll take the 8 hour suffering to go to barbados....when am i

ps you,ll be


Thank you lol. When you put it like that, it sounds daft that I'm worrying about going to the carribean x


Enjoy your


Hi Lor1, I know exactly how you feel with the "what if's" they won't happen, you won't have time....even with a long haul flight I am so nosey and there is always something going on, some strange soul s to people watch , films, meals I wish I was going too lol xxxxxxxx


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