Right I'm fed up and has gone back in a circle of anxiety!!!!! Came home from Cheshire with husband as we was there to celebrate new year eve with family so anyway I start feeling anxiety for no reason then start feel ache/limb in both arms (like tired and aching bit like work out from gym), and bit shaking in both hands and legs and feel bit rubbish & tired, pariond about what if its something wrong?? Also told my hubby if he loves me and worry if he can't handle with my anxiety then end his marriage with me but he kept saying he love me and will never leave me!!

I'm tired of feeling like this!! :-(

Anyone feel like this and is it def anxiety causing it? Xx


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4 Replies

  • I get these symptoms when I'm anxious. It happens because my anxiety can lead me to hyperventilate, which causes the symptoms you described. The symptoms then make me worry even more, it's a vicious cycle. You need to relax, and accept that these symptoms are nothing more than anxiety, I know that can be very hard. Feel better soon.

    JB x

  • :-( can't believe anxiety is very powerful and taking over us! I'm trying to relax but its hard! Going to ring CBT tomorrow and ask when is my first session of counselling. Do you get choke feelings in your throat as I had one today for about 50 secs and went. Wondering why anxiety cause us to have ache/limb arms? Really freak me out and thinking what if its serious but you reassured me its anxiety that caused it and noticed lots of people feel like this? Will drink a chamomile flowers tea (tea pig) tonight before bed also a long hot soak bath with sanctuary bubble bath!! Xx

  • Yes I also get the feeling of my throat closing, and also chest pains. The anxiety can cause us to breath too quickly, and have too much oxygen; and this is why our arms and legs tingle and ache. It's astonishing how anxiety can take over us like this! A bubble bath sounds lovely, might have to have one myself!

    JB x

  • It's horrible isnt it? I don't get chest pain or heart random beats just worrying, feel helpless, pariond and can't force! Hope our anxiety will improve slowly and get better this year finger crossed!!! Off to run myself a hot bath now! Hot bath does help to relax you and add candle if you got some then drink chamomile flower tea before bed! Work wonder!!! X

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