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These are genuinely things I tried during many years of searching...but don,t take the next part of the line

I tried crystal healing, but after I ate a few my stomach got sore

I tried REIKI..laying on off hands, but after one session the big blonde threw me out!

i tried religion, but in my anxious state, I could not decide which god to follow

I tried buddhism but it was to far to go to church (Nepal)

I tried meditation but kept falling asleep

I tried exercise and became the fittest person in the world with anxiety

I studied E.F.T. tapping technique and fell into the sink

I tried distraction technique and became so distracted I forgot what I was doing it for!!

I tried constantly listened to music with headphones and got hit by a bus!!

Then I prayed and it worked.....God Bless

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Oh, boy, dont I just know. When I was really ill I tried the lot; charlatans and all. Anything that promised help. Now I am a lot more discerning and can smell a rat when I see one (mixed metaphor?) There are a lot of so called 'get well quickly' therapies out there, including some religious ones, so we have to be careful. Some are just after your cash! Good one stde. J.


like it!

sandra x :)


I have had a good laugh at this stde! my cats are looking around to see what caused the strange noise, their not used to hearing that lol x Ella x


ellabella...x....PROOF AT LAST......I said before people believe that they can no longer be happy...but this proves what i,ve always believed.....happiness never leaves it just lies dormant for a there caught woke up for a


It's working Stde, you made me laugh again too!!!!


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