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Why do I read these things!

ok so I suffer from health anxiety and for the last 12 months (as some of u know) the doctors have said I have IBS! I'm convinced it's colon cancer!

Trying to get myself together then yesterday I read two stories bout under 30 having been told they have IBS then 18months later find out its colon cancer, 1 even had same as me, suffered from trapped wind ( although it didn't say if this was trapped wind below or above) went to doctors number of times and because they were under 40 completely dismissed!

1 of these people died and the other is still recovering!

I know I shouldn't read these things and these things very rarely happen, that's why its news!

But my mind is goin into over drive!!

I've been taking peppermint oil tablets and these seem to have heled with the trapped gas! But last 4/5 days my BM have been inconsistent!

But then I think who honestly has the same kind of BM day after day after day!

Sorry to write another post that is me stressing and moaning again but I don't no what to do or see any light at the end of this tunnel

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Hi,I really feel for you ,as I know exactly what you are going through,I have been suffering for 2 and a half years ,and don't think I will ever get rid of this I have came to the conclusion that there is no cure its learning how to cope with it and not let it control you ( easier said than done ) I know,my fear is also cancer and I'm 47 my biggest fear at the moment is breast cancer as I have had two scares and I was absoutley petrified. My stomach also plays up its just with all the stress of worrying all the time,and this week the place where I work is closing so I will be moved which means going in to clean at a hospital and my anxiety is going through the roof,as I will see people Ill and I won't be able to cope ,I'm having panic attacks thinking about it. Have you had cbt ,I had for a year and it did help but I don't think it ever leaves you. Keep your chin up ,and try to think positive I know it's not easy ,xxxx


I know what you mean. I always get worked up about my health, i suffer from asthma and allergies and im always jumping to conclusions and its making me anxious. Its best to talk to your docter about it to put your mind at ease then try to distract yourself and trust that things will get better:) If you deal with it things can only get better. It's what I'm telling myself at the moment.

Hope you feel better :)


You sound exactly like myself. I have the most horrendous heartburn and nausea all of the time, so much so Im mainly living on porridge. I try not to look up symptoms but sometimes it seems the only way. I'm on alot of medication which could cause stomach problems. Im very depressed at the moment, I take medication so I can sleep early. I have extreme fatigue. To top this I am trying to help look after my mother who has recently been diagnosed with dementia, hold down a full time job and look after a young family. I hate to moan on this site, many of us suffer. Many times lately I have wished I could just 'sleep' so all this crap could go away. I know I cant, I feel so trapped, with nothing but darkness ahead. Ive been to see my boss today and shes told me not to return to work yet after a was a blubbing wreck again. I feel I can say things on here that I cant say to my family as It would be too upsetting. So thanks for being my sounding board. Xx


Hello I had HA for 14 years and in the last 3 years I've had some pretty major health issues which is hard but harder for someone with HA!! going through one now and although I'm Waiting to ref to a specialist I've have trawled dr google for 6 hrs at a time reading the most horrible scary things that match my symptoms and I have made myself so ill with anxiety, I feel doom hanging over me and can't even bring myself to look at Christmas things because I'm so scared at what I might have, my advice to you although I can't take it myself is stop reading stories and dr google I know this is so hard and almost addictive but it does no help, worrying about what could happen will not stop it happening or change it all it will do is torture yourself I know aswell that with poor Lynda bellingham passing away today it will be even more on your mind when Michael Jackson passed away from cardiac arrest I was terrible with pallpatations for days I know exactly what you are going through you are not alone it's really a horrible thing that controls our lives but hypochondria is a real phobia and if you read the meaning of it on wiki its a illness in itself and you will recognise everything as what you and I feel xx


Hi McKean32Uk. The Anxiety causes IBS. I have found if I eat more natural foods such as salads and vegetables, ive backed off completely from Coffee, but have one Decaffeinated cup in the morning using Organic Milk and i am getting along much better. I have to say that Acupuncture also helps me too. I have problems with my brain thinking way too much such as things will happen to me if I take this or that or if i do this or that so I went and had a CT Scan on my abdomen, this helped me eliminate everything I was worried about. My doctor orgainised it because he understands the symptoms of Anxiety. He knew it was important for me to do this. So all up, Natural foods, less dairy, acupuncture and try some Psychology and stop reading things online. It has been my biggest downfall. If something was really wrong, you would know. If your doctor doesn't understand, find a new one. Good luck and we are all here to support you XX


Another helpful tip..., Exercise. I know it sounds lame, but I am at 105kg and suffering badly with Anxiety and since I have got out in the fresh air (bought a fitbit) and do my 10,000 steps a day I am feeling 100 times better. Everyone is different, but its worth a shot isn't it?


I had this same feeling until my results came back and it was just IBS. I felt great with the news from the docs. Try Metamusil once or twice a day before meals, plus a big help is Dr Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with the "Mother". Can't even begin to tell you how much that helps. Hopefully, to make you feel better, blood tests will determine if you have cancer or not, so if your blood work came back ok, you definitely do not have cancer. I get blood work done once a year now to get peace of mind. Good luck to you.


So blood test booked and anxiety in overload mode!

Doctor was was strong with me said if I had cancer for a year untreated I'd be a lot worse, and at 34 I have more chance of winning lottery!

I want to listen to him but it's hard!

Jus hope tests come back normal


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