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FEAR or Face Everything And Recover


I've just checked in at The Climbing Centre in Glasgow for my Intro to Rock Climbing Part 1.

I'm with nobody I know, I'm alone just now. I'm in a strange place that I've never been before, waiting for an instructor I've never met before, to do an activity I haven't participated in for over 25 years.

It would be fair to say I've had the "I'm not going in" or "I can't do this", but there is more to it than that. I want to do it. It's something I have thought about for years, and only just getting round to it now. I still have doubts "I won't be any good at this" but I have rationalised it with "I'm just starting, it's alright to be a beginner"

So anxiety turns to excitement, not all of it but some of it!!!

Take a chance, it might turn out to be fun!!! And if it doesn't you can recover.

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Hi. Lion. Interesting! You have certainly 'climbed' (pardon the pun) a long way out of the anxiety. You have highlighted the problem we all have with this illness; how far can we go? What should we do in the way of activity? Will it harm us? You say 'Anxiety turns to excitement'. It is the sense of achievement you are talking about. The great feeling when you accomplish something, like beginning to overcoming the anxiety, that gives you a 'buzz'. Onward and upward, mate, and the best of British. Regards. jonathan.

And is often said...don,t Fight fear...accept it!!!

if your scared thats ok...it will pass

If you feel constantly scared and you accept you are like this....it will ease

Fear can only escalate if you Feed it.....

Next time say "hello fear so your back to visit"......note the word "visit"

great post lions13........

Thanks guys/gals (just realised guys sounds sexist, and presumptious).

What I should have put, but I ran out of time as the instructor appeared, is that I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and I was trying to show that anxiety and fear are perfectly normal. I suppose it shows that no matter how much we know about anxiety, how much we understand it...at times it can get in the way. The one thing we often forget is that anxiety is a normal and, at times, a perfectly rational response to a situation.

I often encourage people to go into an uncomfortable situation, weighing up the short and long terms costs and benefits, and had forgotten about it myself. As it was I had a great time.

The instructor was friendly, approachable and ancouraging. The other guy that was there was a tree surgeon, and knew the harnesses a bit better than me, and was a bit fitter due to the fact he doesn't sit on his backside all day, but the experience was very positive and very, very enjoyable.

Thanks again.

Hi Lion,

Glad you got up there and had fun.

Thanks for a fab and inspiring post - good to remember there is a life out there with and beyond anxiety.x


Hi Lion

Wow this is amazing!!U know I felt like this lately : the anxiety became excitement at last minute..it s all about adrenaline,isn't??I wish it will happen more often cause is such a great feeling,like liberation..healthy adrenaline it s great!Good on you keep having fun!!

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