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Facing Fears today--Took a TB skin test & trying to not have fears of allergic reactions


So...Ever since I had a hypersensitive reaction to Cymbalta last summer, it has literally made me terrified to take any kind of medication, shots, vitamins, etc for fear of the same thing happening. A few years ago, I had a hypersensitive reaction to an antibiotic that was related to Penicillin, which I'm genuinely allergic to. (The ER doctor back then said both times it was more of a panic attack than reaction). Regardless, the reaction I had to Cymbalta scared me last summer. I had to work my way back into not being scared to take a simple Advil. Then I got sick and had to take an antibiotic, steroid nasal spray (that gave me a yeast infection in my mouth) and medicine for the yeast infection. I faced my fear and took all that medication. But I haven't conquered this fear yet because I had to take a simple TB skin test today for employment at the hospital & although I could have easily walked away and not faced the fear, I went through with it anyway because at some point, I have to conquer this! Just the fear of a bad allergic reaction to a simple TB skin test. But that reaction to Cymbalta even made me afraid to eat certain for food for fear of allergic reactions. I've lost about 15 pounds since last spring (My doctor said I'm at a healthy weight. And is aware of my anxiety issues and everything) I am proud of myself because I'm facing this more now than I have in the last few months but have any of you had this type of fear?

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Hi,yes twice last year I had two breast scares,I found two lumps,and had to find the courage to go to doctor even though my anxiety is due to cancer,I have never ever been so scared ,and gad to wait 7 weeks both times to see a specialist,I was going crazy with worry,the first time she just had a feel and. Mamogram and it was a cyst,the relief was ,I can't really describe it,the second time I had to get a ultrasound then they told me I had to get a needle biopsy for to two lumps I found one they found another,and while getting that done which was very very painful,I was lying there crying like a baby as I was so scared it was cancer,they must have thought I was a loony ,then to wait a couple of hours for results which were clear thank god so going to get te tests was a real trauma for me but I managed ( even though I cried like a baby ) but I knew I had to do it as living thinking I have had cancer would have made me maybe do something stupid as my fear is so strong,as for weight loss I've lost 4 stone in just over a year.as now I feel this is the only thing I can control ,I can't control my anxiety,so now I'm going down a different path as anxiety does it drifts in to other parts of your life,now People say I'm looking to thin and gone to far so please just watch the weight loss as you could be going down the sane path as me,I felt good getting the all clear but if it had went the other way i dread to think ,take care and good on you for facing your fear it's not easy but we can do it ,hoe you get your job xx

Wow, you've really been through it! That would scare anyone! Did you have anxiety before that happened? Bless your heart!! I'm so happy for you that it was all clear! :) Use that experience to make you stronger. :) That would be torment.

The good news is that I'm at a healthy weight still. And I've stopped dropping, just staying at the same weight lol. I was on Lexapro until spring of last year and it always puts weight on me. About 20-40 pounds of weight on me. So I think with coming off of that, I always go back down in weight. Back to what's normal for me. Before I started Lexapro a few years ago, I was always about 10 pounds lighter than I am right now. But with my silly fear of food allergies/food poisoning & then when I got sick a few weeks ago, I naturally lost more weight. I'm also in a stressful relationship so that may be contributing as well. People went from telling me I needed to lose some weight to now the same ones say I should gain a pound or two. I'm 5'4 at 115lbs. But when I was at 125lbs, some relatives told me I needed to lose a few. So, I've learned to not worry about what people say about your weight anymore. Lol. As long as the dr says I'm good, I will stick with that. :) I'm so sorry you've had such a hard time with all this stuff. Thank you for sharing your story and your input. It helps knowing I'm not alone in my weird issues lol. People and their words can sometimes be mean.

Yes I had anxiety before that it started 4 years ago when husband had a mini stroke then I just lost it,looking back though I have always been a bit anxious,not a good childhood,so think it stems from that,sorry to hear about your relationship ,it does put a lot of strain on it when one of you has health anxiety ,I must admit my husband is starting to get fed up with it ,but I do try,as I say it's good yo speak to some one who knows what it's like xx

Bless your heart. I can understand how that would trigger it. Mine started several years ago for the first time when my Dad got diagnosed with a rare lung disease and I had childhood seasonal asthma. The things combined and scared me. I'm now 30 & having a relapse. All those factors you mentioned can trigger it. Yes, I definitely puts strain on the relationships around you! Oh my word, it does! And it makes you feel guilt because you're not trying to cause any stress on anyone else but their reactions start to reinforce the anxiety and it becomes a difficult cycle. My husband is near fed up too. So much that I start to make improvements but I can't go as far as he would for me at the moment, gets frustrated all over again and it stumps my progress. Hard on both of us. I dream of normality again haha! But I know this isn't permanent. Relapses happen but there is always that ability to overcome! :)

So true ,my husband the same,I'm 47 ,and I think it's the things that happened when we were younger have a lot to answer for,I wish you all the best and let's know how you getting on ,and I too dream of normality but I think I've long forgotten it!! ,never mind take care

Sometimes I think if they could live a week in our mind, they would better understand. I also think it stems from when we were younger. I've always had delayed reactions and I did go through some hard times. Thank you, I wish you the best as well! You haven't forgotten it lol--hang in there. :)

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