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Facing my fears I tested positive for lymes disease💔


I knew what I was going through wasn't just in my head. From vision problems to muscle twitches to hot to cold spots on my skin to headaches to anxitey. I'm not saying everyone has this but please test and continue too because tests can come back neg but don't mean you don't have it I have one band of this horrible infection.... I'm happy I got some answers

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Sorry to hear that...hope u feel better soon.hugs to u.

What band did you test positive for?

39 on the img you need two but since I have symptoms they can treat off that I gotta meet with a specialist

Gamerfitmom, I apologise to you as I believed that after so much medical attention your problem was all anxiety whereas you had correctly worked out that you have Lymes. I hope there is a straight forward and effective cure for Lymes now that it has been disgnosed correctly and hope you will speedily recover.

It's nothing to sorry for. I tested for a cause. I'm scared and happy at the same time

I’m sorry that you have it! But hopefully if you haven’t had it for a really long time taking doxycycline can help it a lot (my mum has had Lyme and we also have a Lyme specialist in our area since we have a lot of ticks)

A lot of people have started getting Lyme recently so there is more research of how to overcome it now :)

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