Help!!! I am having irrational fearful thoughts!!!!

I am at the walk in clinic waiting to be seen.  My throat is super sore, red, irritated, runny nose, congestion, blood pressure elevated, high pulse rate.  The nurse had to check my pulse twice.  I feel like something is terribly wrong with me.  Why cant I just stay calm?  Why do I always think something really bad is going to happen to me?  I feel sooo alone.


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  • Hello

    You are not alone there is everyone in this Community knows just how you feel 

    Take some deep breaths in and let them out like blowing a candle out on a Birthday cake :-)

    You are not very well sound like you could have an infection so our anxiety is always worse at times like this , explain to the Doctor how anxious you are feeling as well so they can take that into account as it will be contributing to high pulse and BP 

    Hope you feel better soon , you will be fine :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you so much for your reply.  I appreciate it.  I got 3 prescriptions to get filled.  One of them is vistaril, its an anti histamine, but it is also used for anxiety, vomiting, and nausea.  I pray these medications work and I get relief.  Once again THANK YOU.  

  • Hello

    So they did not find anything life threatening like you anxiety wanted you to believe lol

    I am pleased you have got through the appointment and got some medication to try , if you can try and look after yourself and rest it will help with your recovery even though I know it is easier said than done when we feel anxious 

    I hope you feel better soon :-) x

  • I feel the same way, I always feel like something is wrong with me, I go to the doctors all the time,and never find nothing wrong? I'm always checking my pulse to see if im ok, and makes me go crazy if I feel like my heart isnt perfect! I couldnt sleep last night due to it!...I know I have to tell myself that its all in my head, but the mind can do a number on the body

  • Your definitely not alone i cant even go in to a dr office without it starting i wont get help because that requires me to go into the dr office how do you do it

  • I do not like going to the doctors. It actually makes my anxiety worse when I go to them. I believe my blood pressure gets elevated when I am there. I dont go to the doctors unless it is absolutely necessary. One exception is the chiropractor. I usually feel better after leaving there. I pray our Heavenly Father gives us all much needed peace.

  • And here i wss thinking i had to be the only one on earth thinking this way i swear as soon i see that bp cuff my heart starts racing do you have any suggestions on whatbi can do to calm down and its weird cuz ive never had high blood pressure i guess im just scared to be told idk

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