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Irrational Thoughts


I have always been an over thinker where thoughts would play on my mind. Last August for no reason I woke up completely scared and feeling full of dread. This led to a couple of weeks feeling like this, I didn't tell anyone how I was feeling just carried on with this feeling inside. Gradually it got better didn't go away but I was able to deal with it better. Then in Feb I read an article on vitamin B and omega 3,6,9 helping with mood so I started taking a supplement and joy of joys after a couple of weeks the feelings and fear went away and I felt good again. Then the other day I saw a newspaper article and it has sparked these irrational fears again. Will this ever go away?

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I kind of know what you're going through but my irrational thoughts are different. It scares me and makes me cry. I'm afraid of my own thoughts. I can't even think without these thoughts coming to my head and making everything worse. It makes my day worse and also my nights now.

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big hugs to you xxx

Hi Cice. You're not alone. In fact I think you would be surprised by how many people suffer from this. Me included. The main problem is the vicious circle that means you over analyse your worry and then focus more on your thought process and become concerned that you're not 'normal'. Over worrying is extremely common. I suffer from irrational thoughts and have spent many hours wishing I could just switch off. Are you someone who wants to be liked by others? Or hates the thought of someone not liking them? Do you over worry about small comments you have made to others? Or the way you come across? If you do something do you worry about repercussions? These are all things that make up my persona. It does have a massive impact on your life thought and I would be only too happy to talk with you more about it and how we share a common ground. You're not alone. The same goes for you AnxiousGal.


First I would need to hear the thoughts to see if they are irational who said they were?

Hi, my anxiety is fuelled by thoughts....I have always been a deep thinker and analyse everything. When im anxious I feel like I want to turn my mind off and get scared of my mind. I get bizarre thoughts like "I dont like thinking" I know that it is not rational but these thoughts take over. I have been referred for CBT - have a chat with your Dr about this. Wish you well x

At the height of my illness I remember being afraid of the sky. Sounds crazy now but that was how anxious I felt, I imagined I was clinging to the surface of the planet, couldn't go to sleep in case I slipped off. Just watching an episode of Casualty and my anxiety was through the roof, lots of little adrenaline fulled palpitations, I was a raw nerve. In restrospect I wish I'd had a full-blown nervous breakdown, instead of the steady drip-drip of the terrifying anxiety I was enduring day to day. Driving to work in constant fear, fear of killing myself, or others, a cat, a fox. Driving back there later in the day to check I hadn't hurt someone......


Hi Cice.

I suffer with this problem alot due to my GAD. It is one of my worst symptoms. My mind latches onto a thought or an idea and replays it over and over again. It can be very upsetting and debiliting. I have some techniques from Chris Williams that I find very useful. I know how you feel and it can be very difficult to remenber that they are not true or helpful. You may find 'the worry box' chris Williams helpful. big hugs xxx

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Hi All

Been away for a couple of days had a little operation feeling all better now. What I mean by irrational thoughts is when I see something that scares me my mind latches on to that thought and won't let it go. Even though I know I not in harms way the thoughts just won't let go. I'm getting better at controlling it with different thoughts. I avoid certain things like horror movies coz I actually get frightened and think that these things could happen to me. It seems that my mind needs something to worry about if that makes sense? It's not constant I can have weeks without it then I see something and it starts again.

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