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Doctors "dismissing" you if you have/had MH Problems!

Wonder if anyone else has had this sort of experience. I was recently referred to the gastroenterology dept at my local hospital, as my IBS and diverticular disease were getting SO bad - even my sister, not famous for her sympathy ;) was urging me to go back to the doc ;) . Saw the consultant from Hell - the first thing he said when I'd sat down was "You're rather an anxious sort of person?" Uh, yeah, but I'm here about my bowels????? He didn't listen to a word i said, couldn't spell my name right (it's not that difficult!) asked questions but didn't wait for the answer, misunderstood what i did say, and obviously wanted me out of his consulting room ASAP! I thought of complaining at the time, but Life etc got in the way.

Yesterday, got my copy of his letter to my GP - won't bore you with all of it, but it would have been quicker if he'd just written "This woman is a nutcase and it's all her own fault!" - saved the NHS a lot of money!!! For instance, I said I often have the Belvita Breakfast Biscuits for breakfast - but not a "proper" cereal, he said. I tried to explain that these ARE a "proper" cereal, just in biscuit form - he quite obviously didn't believe/understand me, and wrote to my GP that i have a "breakfast bar" for breakfast! Oh, and a "brown sandwich" - I have NO idea what a "brown sandwich" is. And I "admitted" to being "food phobic" - i didn't "admit" to it - wasn't aware being food phobic was a crime, a sin or a fault to which one had to "admit" - I stated i was food phobic - as a result of the IBS!!!! And he told my GP that, when told i might have to have an endoscopy - eg swallow a camera - I wasn't very keen on the idea! Is anyone?????

I am complaining to the PALS service, as he treated me with complete contempt, obviously thought I was nuts/attention-seeking - and ALL because I have the misfortune to have suffered MH problems. Would he have done the same if i were diabetic, or had some other chronic condition? Of course he wouldn't! I did'nt ASK to suffer from GAD/panic attacks - and I STRENUOUSLY object to being (not so subtly) "blamed" for it.

Anyone relate?


Prickly Rose


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Hiya hun, i dont think Drs ave a clue what they're talking about half the time, and they obviously dont care.

I was diagnosed with IBS so i dramatically changed my diet, no white bread (ever) pastry a firm no no, limit the amount of fatty foods and dont drink water after a fatty meal like a breakfast fry up and dont eat pasta more than once a week. Anxiety and stress can cause IBS attacks, it is all connected. Since ive kept to this diet and have been taking meds, ive not had IBS since. My daughters has IBS and they take buscopan, which they tell me is a god send


Yes Rose I relate...judged and sentenced before a trial even! many a time I have been with things, such as having Scoliosis !! asked for a scan 5 years ago and GP said " In some countries, if you don't work don't eat" without even examining me. If I had the money I would sue him and deport him as well!!! After years of asking I got my MRI scan and diagnoses , which is plain enough for a layman to see even . I have suffered alright love. I don't think they can put a crooked backbone down to nerves. Make yer sick!!!

Lots of Love X Ella X


Hi ya Rose,

feel for you Rose, i had an colonscopy, or 4ft of cable with a camara on the end put where the sun dont shine, and david bailey looking down it giving me a running commentry, was a blast, think i just might have another go. what gets me though, is like Rose has said, after explaining the problems i have, with the amount of times i need a loo, and constant stich like pain, i always end up with the same answer, 'you have ibs' 'take some imodium' this doesnt help, or solve the problem, even the consultant said after the colonscopy you dont have anything serious, i know what they were looking for, but if it isnt that then your fine theres nothing to worry about, well im not fine, just because it isnt serious in their opinion, it is to me. im so fed up, explaining my problems and getting no-where fast. the needing the loo makes the anxiety worse, the anxiety makes the needing the loo worse, i dont know, Rose, remember the saying i started on here with 'whats the worst that can happen' lol best wishes Rose, try banging your head against a wall, i think this has better results, VV x


Honestly Rose where do they find these people?!!! And more importantly when are they sending them back?!!

It's so hard when we feel like this to drag ourselves to the doctor in the first place and then to be treated like this ...

I have simular problems which have recently flared up again and one of my greatest concerns when going to report them was that someone was going to suggest another round of endoscopy tests. (She didn't; she's waiting to see if it sorts it's self but so far it isn't.) To me your concerns are perfectly natural. What right minded person would be wanting to have these tests if it could be avoided?!!

Definately use the PALS service to complain - I've heard they can be very successful in getting these things sorted out. And your mental health cannot and must not be used against you - it's appalling.

Hope you're ok.x


Thank you all, my sweethearts! Linny, love really glad you've sorted your IBS - I don't find busupan helpful myself, cos it makes me constipated, which is my main symptom - though it can also go dramatically the other way, as VV and i have discussed ;) Ella, the doctor who said that to you should have been up on charges before the General medical Council - utterly disgraceful!!!!!! :( Wish they had a "angry icon on here - please note, Admins ;)

Yes, VV, its the camera up the bum for me too - not too bothered about that, doubt if it can be worse than what the IBS has done to me over the years. Not keen on swallowing a camera, whch the consultant obviously found yet another indication of my mental illness - strange, never known anyone who actually enjoyed swallowing cameras! ;) Oh, and doctors should be banned from ever saying the equivalent of "It's just nerves" - as if that's all right then!!!

Short story - my mother sufferd all her life with nervous complaints, and she said to me once she felt guilty sitting in the waiting room with all the other people who were "really" ill. I said - Well, how do you know they're not there for "nerves" as well?" "Oh," she said "i never thought of that!" She told her then GP - who was lovely - and the GP said "Your daughter's absolutely right - about 50% of them! They may not know it's nerves, they may not complain about nerves, but that's what's wrong with them!"

I have drafted a letter - well email - to the PALS, taking his letter apart sentence by sentence. I have a secret weapon - my last "proper" job before I was made redundant was in the NHS, and included - wait for it - helping patients complain about NHS services :-D So he picked the wrong nutter to be "diss" as the kids say, this time! :) I also - don't think I'm swanking, don't use it very often - but if I have to complain about something, I put my academic quals after my name - Rose Briar BA MA ;) When they see that, I can practically hear them say "Oh, shit, she's a nutter, but she's an intelligent and educated nutter!" ;)

But - what gets me is, what about the thousands of people who can't complain, who wouldn't know how to, or wouldn't "dare" - i met some of them when in the NHS and they fear "reprisals" as it were!!! We go to doctors when we are at our most vulnerable, we shouldn't have to fight them as well as our illness!!!!

Strangely, the consultant who first diagnosed the diverticular disease was a colonel in the RAMC - (I live in an Army town). Now, you'd think an army medic would be the sort of "man up" type - he was absolutely lovely, kind, attentive, listened to me, answered all my questions, explained the scan to me - God, i nearly asked him to marry me, though he was so lovely I knew I'd be too late and he'd be taken ;) I feel like suggesting my current "consultant" apply to the Army for some sensitivity training! :) Mind you, I notice it did say he is the "locum consultant" - so he probably can't get a proper job - he'll have even less chance when i'm finished with him! :-D

Love to you all, I may be down but i sure as hell ain't "out" :-D





Hi ya Rose,

hope you get some results through PALS Rose, and good on ya for not just excepting bad treatment, just in my experience, i found PALS excellent, really did a good job, followed through with every detail. good luck Rose VV x


Thanks, VV, yeah i've used them before n they were good xx


It is awful when GPs are not able to see beyond their medical books, and that is probably why they get it so wrong with people who suffer anxiety. It seems that a lot of us suffer IBS, but how severe it is might be related to what is in the head but if there is a way help where all else has failed, then it is beyond me why there is a fixation on the cause. If the cause is stress or even diet related, and this cannot be sorted out in order to relieve the physical symptoms, then I don't understand why there would be a problem with getting more help with a direct approach related to stopping the physical effects.

I have not been to a GP for many years until my recent episode but what struck me was the fact that I was explaining my problems and the Doctor was trying to record everything on his computer, and wasn't listening to what I was saying because he was too busy trying to record it. He should listen first, understand and record it later, or a proper record will not be taken. Seems we are all being treated like robots, by doctors who are acting like robots.


Dear all

As the CEO of anxiety UK I have to say that sadly prickly roses' experience is all too common. I myself had a very similar encounter with a gp when I became ill in 2010 with a physical health problem that I knew was not anxiety(after living with agoraphobia for over 20 years with the greatest of respect I know what is anxiety and what isn't!). Anyway after persisting and trusting my gut rather than listening toa gp who told me everything was in my head I eventually went private and had some blood tests done by a rheumatologist. One of the tests came back positive for an autoimmune disease of the liver called primary biliary cirrhosis. The gp concerned now can barely look me in the face but the experience and that of many others has made me feel that the time is right with a new year approaching for anxiety uk to run a campaign to highlight the inequalities that anxiety sufferers face when it comes to their physical health. So in short, please do keep posting your experiences and watch this space. Wishing you all the very best for the forthcoming festive season.

Nicky lidbetter.


i so agree, anxiety sufferers do get a lot of negativity from Drs and we get swept under the carpet a lot of the time because i dont think they know much about mental health, but that is just my opinion cos i dont trust them



I've posted before on here about how amazing my GP was. I have been so fortunate in the Drs I have met. From when I first went for help suffering from mental health problems each one has been really great and supportive. I now hold Dr's in very high regard. It seems to unbelievable I've had such an experience reading these comments!! My advice would be to move to Shropshire :-))


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