Bad day out

Had an awfull experience yest ,been food shopping with my friend ,went and had breakfast the 1st proper meal since this tummy bug,sat for a while then went on to opticians ,but as were walking to the the shop my heart started pounding couldn't breathe,it was awfull,I do have hiatus hernia and asthma ,backin June something similar happened coulda full stomach have caused ths ?


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  • Hi meg

    I think it sounds like you had a little anxiety attack from what you describe as that has happened to me before

    It is very scary as well when it does !

    Sometimes we don't even realize we are feeling anxious till we have one of these attacks & then they just appear which makes it feel even more frightening as we have had no warning

    Well done though getting out & succeeding going for breakfast & opticians you did very well :-)




  • I can't understand it bev ,I was fine till this happened ,it shook me up for hrs I was glad my friend was with me I can tell you,it rather spoiled my day

  • Iv been looking on the net bout this ,seems deep breathing helps gonna tryit

  • Hi Meg

    It does help

    We start hyperventilating when we have a panic attack & doing breathing exercises helps regulate it again :-)

    Practice them even when you are not anxious as they do help :-)


  • Iv been doing that this aft ,as still feel a bit anxious

  • It takes some practice but as you get used to doing it then it really helps :-)


  • Iv a carol service to go to at 6,but I'm scared to go out now

  • Oh meg bless you

    Sometimes for me it can be more the fear that stops me doing things rather than anything going wrong once I am there , its the build up I always find worse

    See how you feel in the next 30 minutes or so you never no you might feel less fearful , have a nice cup of tea & take the pressure of yourself thinking about it


  • Iv been doing so well lately going out and that,and now this yest,I can't believe it's happened,I'm still anxious andcwantvto go out tonite ,but it's cold ,dark ,and I'm scared ,I feelmil never be right bev

  • Hi Meg you will

    You have said you have been doing really well lately & you have !

    With Anxiety though we can be doing really well & then have this blips in between but it will come good again & the blips will get less & less & the good days will become more :-)


  • I don't think that will ever happen bev,not for me

  • It will meg & we are all here to help :-)


  • Hi meg :)

    Sounds like you've been hyperventilating. Years ago I went to my doc because whenever I took my daughter into town I'd feel breathless & heart racing while pushing the buggy. She checked me out & told me it was anxiety/panic attacks. She was right.

    Have you heard of the 7/11 method of breathing? Breathe in for 7 & out for 11, this rebalances the carbon monoxide levels. The most important thing is to make sure you're breathing with your belly. Put one hand on your chest, one on your tummy button. The one on your tummy button should rise, not your chest.

    It can be scary going out after that's happened but I believe it's the best thing you can do. As whywhy said, the fear is so much worse than the reality.

    Wishing you well :)


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