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i have had 4 panic attacks in the last 48 hours,iv never had them before

can anyone help me im already taking venlefaxine for depression and a beta blocker,im not ashamed to admit i thought i was going off my head,im so scared that there going to come back,i want to go the doctors but im scared he will say im mad and take my son off me,any advice please as i feel so alone and scared

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The 'Get Help' section of our website is a good place to start exploring the support available to you:

For a more detailed explanation of anxiety disorders and how to deal with them we recommend the ‘Overcoming’ series of books. Understanding for yourself how anxiety works and why it becomes a problem will help you a great deal, and these books provide excellent explanations. You can see the range of titles here:

'Talking Therapies' such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling are some of the most effective tools for treating anxiety disorders. You can find out more about them here:



Hi , I no I have answered your other blog & hope I reassured you they wont take your son & you are not going mad

How long have you been on the meds

Sometimes they can make you feel worse before they make you feel better & they can have side effects

It is something else you could ask while you are there

Things will get better

Keep talking





Please don't feel afraid, I have experienced the same feelings of thinking I'm going 'insane', it's severe anxiety, you feel you are losing control, the physical effects can be overwhelming, I know. It is your bodies response to stress, that's all. Please seek as advised by Yankee-doodle above. I'm thinking of you.



So sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. True madness is something I believe you are born with and I don't doubt for a moment that you you are not suffering from this. However, we all, at some time in our lives suffer from stress, anxiety and depression through bereavement, losing a job, a breakup in a marriage/relationship, personal illness, bullying in the workplace and even moving house can apparently have this affect on some people - so you see you are just NORMAL. Social Services would never, ever, take away your child from you because of this. I suggest you do go to your doctor and have a talk with him/her. If you do not find your doctor particularly helpful, try another one in the same practice. Your doctor might suggest altering your medication or increasing it.

Now for some practical tips. Buy yourself a DVD on relaxation/coping with anxiety/panic attacks etc. from a reputable source ie Boots the Chemists or R M Smiths - learning to meditate to these CDs can really help a great deal and is so easy to do. Also, give yourself some treats ie buy a box of chocs, flowers, some jewellery, a potted plant and cosset yourself! ie have a warm relaxing bubble bath or use some aromatherapy drops in your bath to relax. Also, if you like reading (or if not, maybe now is the time to take it up) buy or borrow from the library some soppy romances or suchlike any book that will cheer you up - you cannot be thinking negative thoughts easily when you are deep in a book. If you have any practical problems like debts etc try to sort them out, maybe see a debt counsellor, that sort of thing - it is these sort of things that cause panic attacks - ie problems you are finding it difficult to solve. Sometimes there are things that you cannot sort out for instance the loss of a loved one or the breakup of a relationship. With these problems you must just think that you cannot do anything about this but move on a think positively in order to get the best out of your future with your son.

Finally, and lastly, get some books out of the library for your son and read to him, take him to the park etc. The pleasure you will get from him will not only cheer him up but you as well.

Be assured that as soon as you have sorted out your problems, your panic attacks will lessen and indeed go away.

So sorry to have rambled on so much and I wish you every happiness for your future.

Best Wishes Imogenxx


If sons were taken away because of mum's stress, mine would have been gone long ago! Don't worry about that. You'd have to do something bad to lose him. People who don't worry are the mad ones. You are so not alone, love. There are millions of us worriers all over the world. Someone has to do it! I hope you go and get help, as suggested by others, and I will be metaphorically holding your hand. xxx


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