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Will this unusual symptom end up killing me? (sources available)

First of all, sorry for another post! Secondly, I apologize for resorting to the enemy of society, Google. Unfortunately when I did, I found these:

And guess what? I can't belch. I have a tight chest that occasionally hurts. My back/neck hurt sometimes too. Even worse, I have a lot of abdonem/chest burning, often after exercise or more often after eating. I really want it to be indigestion from anxiety or a side-effect of Diazepam, I really do. I just can't believe it, especially after trying an NHS symptom-checker which says I need my heart checked, which I can't do until January 9th.

Please please please tell me other people experience this sensation; I'm in tears about potentially dying.

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What you suffer from is ANXIETY....this can be health anxiety, social anxiety,general anxiety etc etc etc. The common denominator is the word anxiety. Sadly when you are severely anxious your mind will latch onto some worry, at the moment it is your health......if you read some recent posts you will see others who are worried about every subject, even the end of the world (today)......this is how it works.....try to relax and realise it is probably NOT your heart but your wishes


Hi Daxter..... You need to stop using google to look up your symptoms. I use to do this all the time and look up an illness and in my head i would think i had the symptoms then things got so bad my husband turned the internet off.. try and do this for a week dont be tempted!!!


This is what I was trying to say in my recent blog. Google and the like are best kept away from. This is called psychosomatic disorder. Psycho, the brain, somatic, the body. If you think the two aren't connected then you are experiencing the effects.

I blogged some time ago about suggestion. A real menace in this illness. Your brain picks up the message about an imaginary illness and runs with it. It picks it up from your mind and acts as it SHOULD when it gets the message 'DANGER'. It is doing what it was designed to do; protecting you from harm by starting the adrenaline flow. This creates more fear. You add to it by reading more pessimistic reports and so it goes on. Why do we frighten ourselves? A good question. I think it is because we are ALERT to danger all the time. We do not rest our mind. Never give it a break. Like the soldier in the trenches with the shells flying overhead, we are certain one is going to land on us so we are watching constantly. stde is right. It is our thoughts that are the problem. I hope we have been of some help Daxter. This is a rotten complaint and sometimes almost unbearable. I have been there but I am still around (some might say, pity!!!).

Keep going as best you can at the moment. You WILL recover I can assure you.

Best wishes. jonathan.


my dear you are sooo new to this, Dr google doesn't help with anxiety, you know what you are suffering from and anxiety can comes in every from possible even in a heart burn shape. if you are having problem belch cz you probably ate too fast and taken too much air that put too much pressure on your chest, rub between your chest bones up and down and you will belch properly, remember when you are anxious you get all sot of sensations and pain cz your blood start pumping more to your vital organs like heart and brain thinking you are in danger but you are not, that's why you feel chest pain/left shoulder pain/neck/leg/sometimes half of your left brain goes numb/tongue... don't get scared cz you will cz yourself a panic attack.

anything else you need we are here

love and God bless

rouri xx


Hi ya you've described my symptoms to the letter they havnt harmed me yet and I've had them for some time on and off like others who've commented on here stay away from dr google they say health is one of the top searches leave it alone it will only make you feel worse you have anxiety and that can have symptoms of opposite extremes for instance you can't belch do you feel the need to belch I had the opposite I couldn't stop belching I would have thought not belching was a good thing that you have a settled digestive system the chest pains could be just trapped wind or heartburn or if your on a lot of meds can cause indigestion which a gentle walk could move it or a heat pad or a chat with a chemist who are always pleased to help but as we've said leave health sites alone I hope you can calm down and feel a bit better anxiety won't harm you it just makes life miserable and none of us deserve that you take care and things will improve. Mel


Hi Daxter! Yes had experience of that one too and it turns out I was spending too much time sitting down probably go ogling . I found if I went for a short brisk walk around the block the wind either came up or went down :( LOL ! just a bit of reassurance and advice lovie

Hugs x Ella x


Hello Dexter I too have had the 'stuck belch' thing. That was back in 2006 and I used to get it and other stomach feelings a lot. It was all anxiety.


Sorry meant * googling! not ogling LOL xxx


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