I keep staring at everything I look at and I'm worried!

I do have anxiety as in overthink things and worry about my health all of the time but I don't get anxiety in the typical form of anxiety attacks. I'm 17 and studying really hard at college. For the past 4 months everything I look at its like I go into a daze when I'm looking at it and it feels really comfy to do it, I have to focus so hard to not go into one of my staring things, I find it hard to watch tv or anything becuase I'll just start staring at it and kinda go bozz eyed. I don't loose my thoughts when I'm doing it, I kinda just think " oh no I'm doing it again". I'm also really tired all of the time atm, I can't seem to shake it off. i have a funny smell in my nose and this tingling in my head and I get headaches all of the time, I always have done. I'm pretty worried I have like a brain tumour or something but I've been to the docters and they don't seem to know what it is but don't think it's serious. I've been having acupuncture Becuase I've also recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, that seems to be gone now but I don't know if this starting is connected to accupuncture or the fib?? I'm also on a really low dose of Amitriptyline. So I was just wondering if anyone has this staring thing and know what it could be, as I say it's not like I'm just daydreaming, I'm just really worried!


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5 Replies

  • I an not a doctor so what I am going to say please try if you want and if no change go back to your doctors

    To me you sound like you are tired,stressed and have some anxiety so try to just close your eyes and relax them turn of the TV try listening to some Music or Calm nature sounds on low. look at what you eat and drink and see if that can be keeping you awake

    If you can by a scented candle to help with the smell also talk to your teachers about what you are going though and see if they can help

  • Thank you for your reply, I guess I am very stressed out at the moment, I will try! its just worrying when I don't know what's wrong

  • I mean it could be Becuase I'm worrying about it, it's making it worse. I'm hoping it's gonna stop

  • It does make it worse, It just become one thing after another you stop worrying about one thing and a new worry pops up

    I am a big fan of the Breathing Exercises, Try find a app to download on your phone or find one on youtube. some work and some you find you fight with the person so find one the suits you and give them a go they really work . You must relax your mind to help your body feel fine

  • Volunteer to help others and get your mind off yourself.


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