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yo yo moods

Here we go again feeling like poop. Yesterday i felt great, thinking positive and just taking the day as it came at me, i was more energetic and even having a giggle with my OH because of Sundays antics, but today, im lethargic, ive got that buzzing noise in my head again,feels like my head is going to explode and its a 'i cant be bothered moving anywhere day'. i woke up this morning and just didnt want to get up because i knew id woken up feeling this way. What is wrong with me? Its so frustrating being up one day and down the next.

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Hi. linny. Absolutely classic. I prefer to call it the 'roller coaster'; up and own. The thing is it can change from moment to moment. There's nothing wrong with you, linny, just the good (!) old fashioned nerves. The head you describe is also classic. I had that for some time. It does go as you recover but it can be very disconcerting, as can the fatigue. You think, 'when will it all end'. It does you know, but it takes time and a lot of acceptance. Have as best a holiday as you can in the circumstances. Blessings. jonathan.


I like roller coasters, but not this one. I felt euphoric yesterday, with loads of energy and a positive outlook, i even had to take my grand son to hospital because he'd cut his head in school and it had to be glued, and it never bothered me, usually id be panicking and be in a state with the thought of all the blood, but i was fine. Today, its a cba to do anything day. I wanna feel like i did yesterday again, but every day. As soon as i opened my eyes this morning i knew my mood had changed with the buzzing in my head. Its not fair is it. :( Im a nice person when im happy and i laugh all the time at the slightest thing and i would speak to anyone, but the miserable side of me wants to hide away from the world, and hates everything in site, its like living in 2 peoples minds


Hi Linny. God I know how you feel. I felt exactly the same today. I knew my mood had dropped and I have so much to do I felt like crying. currently sat at work very tired and just looking forward to getting home.

I hope you feel better as the day goes on. I find a good look through the 'dog shaming' website cheers me up :)



hi mandy, hope your'e feeling a bit better today, im feeling a little bit more positive again today. I had a look at that website, omg it was funny and lifted my mood a bit, my 2 year old rottie was scraping herself across the floor this morning(walking on her front legs and trying to scratch her bottom on the floor), it was so funny. i have ordered worming tablets online just waiting for them to be delivered ;) prob today, unless they ave already been delivered and she's ate them, like the rest of the mail lol.


Hi Linny

I know how that feels, just remember it will get better. Maybe it's worth spending today thinking about what it was that made you think positive yesterday - did anything trigger your positive mindset? If you can nail that one, maybe you can replicate similar conditions in future?


Yeah it was me feeling embarrassed how i behaved on sunday, like a spoilt, pathetic child stamping its feet because id had nothing to eat all day and expected my OH to look after me and make me something to eat because i couldnt be bothered doing it myself lol. So out of character for me and im embarrassed about it, and yesterday i thought i wasnt going to be like that again and fight it because its just not me, being agitated and frustrated, and just feeling no one cares and wanting people to look after me, ive always been so independant and strong but im not lately.


Linny, hun, I'm so sorry - and yeah, i do understand, feeling fine one day and cr@p the next! Could it be reaction from yesterday with your grandson? I find often I can cope brilliantly when there's a "real" crisis - but i pay for it later with a real downer/panic attack or whatever? Just a thought, hun?

I've read in some books, and I know Churchill did it, that sometimes "naming" your bad stuff can help - like The Imp or (Churchill) The Black Dog. Then you can see it isn't YOU - you can sort of say to it Oh, it's you back again, is it? Well clear off, I've no time for you today! (You can be ruder than I would like to be on here lol!) Just a suggestion, hun, it might help.

You're a lovely strong lady, hun, and you WILL get better! You've held me up when you've been feeling rubbish yourself, and you don't know how much you've helped me!

bless you, honey, it will get better!

Lots of love




Awww thanks Rose, i hope your'e feeling a bit better today {{{{{{{{{{{sending hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}.

At the moment im calling it my demon, cos thats just what its like, like a very dark cloud hanging over me making me say and do things that is out of character. Had a bit of a panic attack earlier, i bit into a pepper corn and it burst in my mouth and was a bit spicy (it was in the pate i had on toast), i dont really like spicy foods, i get panicky and think ive poisoned myself haha, silly anxiety eh!!! Im feeling a little better now, demon has been fed and im giving it a cuppa i think its gone back into hiding lol.


Oh my god, when I don't eat I am a monster! I totally get this! lol. I actually carry around little snacks in my bag now!


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