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Newbie First blog

Am new to this site and find it a great comfort and a source of helpful information and reassurance. I was diagnosed with GAD about 2 years ago but have had good periods in between. However the last 5 months have been the worst. I am taking mirtazapine and beta blockers but am lucky in that I have always been able to sleep. What I find so frustrating is that late afternoon I almost feel normal and am able to eat. But then I wake up with tingly legs, churning tummy and feeling so weak and tired. Everything is such an effort and I just keep thinking "whats the point?" Shouldn't moan really as my husband has been through all this and understands and my neighbours who have also suffered have been incredibly supportive so I know I am luckier than some. I will take as an example the courage that some on here are showing and get through this. Thank you to all who post x

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Don,t despair, spend some time reading thro, some different posts and realise your not alone...this in itself can be a great soon...xx


Hi. Araminta. If I may say so, what a positive blog. You are suffering but I detect a really optimistic outlook. You may not see this at the moment but it is there. You KNOW all the symptoms you describe are the symptoms of anxiety and that puts you ahead already. With the great support you have you are halfway home; more than halfway in fact. As for moaning, well, have a good moan! Why not! We all understand and are with you all the way. We are expert moaners on this site, but I venture to suggest we are POSITIVE moaners in that getting things off your chest is part of the cure. No one here will criticise or misunderstand. Keep coming back and let us know how you are. Very best wishes. jonathan.


I started with anxiety/depression in March last year. I was on Citalapram for about a year, but managed to get symptom free for a few months in the spring this year. I think I may have over done it at work, because the GAD came back following a bout of Labarynthitis in September. I am now on Mirtazapine and Olanzapine (since November). Just hoping that I can beat the thing quicker this time around. Looking on the positive side my sleeping is quite could, and I dont have full blown panic attacks. It is just the anxiety pain which is pretty constant that is troubling me the most. I am sure that you will get back to normality again soon, it's good you have people you can talk to.


Welcome to our site , good to meet you and thank you for being so positive about us all!! anxiety in the morning is a pain in the bum! as soon as I wake up i have to get up and come downstairs and get a coffee. Even the cat has got used to me and meows if I'm not up at 5! I'ts a good job I live alone lol or I would be in trouble. After about an hour I am feeling a lot better. But the morning "rush" as I call it , is a nuisance now instead of being a fearful time.

Love and Hugs x Ella x


Hi ella. I agree, the mornings are a pain still for me. My wife is one of those annoying people who get up as bright as a button!! Grrrrrrr. One of her less endearing qualities! It takes me about an hour to 'come to'. Then I am OK for the day. But it is darned annoying to feel so shattered when I wake up. Residue from the past I suppose. Hope you are feeling better. Love. jonathan.


Hi there Araminta.......the mornings being worse is something most people with anxiety can vouch for. There are a few good physical reasons for this, first of all

your body's cortisol level is at it's highest and that accounts for probably part of what you are feeling. Cortisol is the stress hormone which is at a peak in the mornings naturally.

The thing with stress/cortisol is that anxiety produces cortisol, which produces anxiety which produces more cortisol..etc....

Also blood sugar is low first thing in the morning and that is why you feel weak and tired. If you struggle with anxiety and then the cortisol effect kicks in you will be using even more energy and so lower blood sugar.

Some people keep a snack by their bed to have if they wake up at night, or to have first thing to get their blood sugar levels up.

Listening to chill out music can really help you to relax in the mornings, it seems to work very well at that time of day. So have your favourite relaxing music on hand to ease you into the day.

If it's possible get outside for a walk, even a really short one, being outside can really help and the exercise helps sort out the cortisol too.

Best Wishes PL


I'm quite the opposite... I feel ok in the mornings *touch wood*.. its after meals of later on in the day the anxiety hits me x


Thanks for that Penny! I will force some sort of breakfast now as it takes me hours to get round to it :) xxxx


Evenings are definetely worse for me! I put it down to being tired. Anyway araminta I am new here too so hi! Xx


Hi guys I am relatively new to this too my mornings are so bad good to know

I not the only one I pray to god one day we all get through this and get tougher life is for living lets all try and live!!!!!


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