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This is my first blog so apologise now in advance ive recently been diagnosed with GAD my gps been great and supportive prescribed sertraline. Im trying to get through this without taking it but right now finding it extremely difficult at the moment friends and family supportive. Dont want to be around people at the moment and find it difficult to form close relationships. When i feel better i dont like myself at the moment?


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  • Hi and welcome,

    You are me 4 months ago, I'm on the same pills and must say, after getting over freaking out about side effects and taking my prescribed dose 100mg, I'm feeling a bit better. I'm able to go in my garden now. The front door is another matter but I'll get there.

    We are a good bunch on here and very supportive so welcome again and keep posting, we are all friends. Love xxxxx Cookie xxxxx

  • thanks for the reply glad your feeling a little better people who know me see me as kind and happy i so want to be that person again hope you get to the front door.

  • Yeah me too. I don't want to be on drugs want to be happy like I was a few weeks ago. So hard trying to conquer this. :-(

  • cheers for the reply im trying not to take the medication but proving quite difficult. hope you feel a little better

  • What are you main symptoms?

  • I am on sertroline too and find them very good. Don't worry too much about side efffects. Sertroline are one of the newer drugs which are much better than the old ones which sometimes did have bad side effects. I have been on them for around 4 years and never had any problems.

    If you had a broken leg galatea you would take painkillers wouldn't you? This is just the same so take them please.

    bev xx

  • o/h been on them for 6 weeks now, no side effects up to now , so give them a try , could be just the help you need, take care x

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