Hi everyone,

I have just joined your group and I can totally relate to most of your posts/ symptoms. I'm 54 (just🤗) and have been in a relationship with anxiety for over 20 years, with depression and ibs thrown into the mix. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one going through all of this and I have tried and am trying different treatments. I am determined to get through one day at a time - some days are bad but others are better. I'd love to hear from anyone for a chat. Thank you for reading. Lynn 🤗


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  • Welcome

  • Hi Lynn, glad you joined. Pretty helpful place here. It's great to assimilate and see you're not alone, we're all in this together!

    God bless

  • Welcome to the team! We are all family here so anything you ever want to talk about just keep posting and we will all see it and help out in any way we can! :)

  • Hi welcome to the group it's nice to know your not alone , anxiety is bad enough I suffer ibs too ,I like to talk and wonder how people cope ,what do you take for ibs ?

  • Hi I have mebervine tablets to help with ibs pain etc. it's so annoying as I feel it's stopped me from doing so much. I worry if I need to use toilet and because of that my stomach starts cramping etc. a bit of a vicious circle. I won't go on a plane or train and worry myself silly on long car journeys. I wouldn't mind but I survived two 5 hour car journeys recently!! I meditate daily and have had some hypnotherapy. I'm trying to accept feelings of anxiety and let it wash over me but some days it's too much and I feel that my nerves are like stretched so far and I get like spikes where the leafy little noise makes me jump and I feel the plummeting feeling in my stomach a bit like a lift dropping. Anyway I'm positive I will get there and I want to get through it without any tablets. I was in citilopram a few years ago for a few months but they made me v bloated. Then I tried them again last summer and I was soo ill after TWO tablets. The dr wanted me to take diazepam!! I said No! So it's a question of mind over matter and "the blue sky is still there... somewhere" lol. How are you coping?? X

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