War Pigs!

Hi All,

I have been logging on and off of this site for the last 3 months; Why because I have an emotional and mental problem that I wanted to share in order to get help, and where if I could through my experience possibly help others.

I've suffered with these problems since a very young age mainly due to people believing that they are more important than others and should have special treatment either by mental or physical bullying.

I log onto this site tonight and find that for the third time to my knowledge, people who in their opinion all have anxiety, are bickering, upsetting each other and throwing dummies, teddies and any other object they can find in the nearest corner. Even to the point of 'my dad's bigger than yours' getting involved.

We are all on this site to aid and assist one another through total crap. Anyone who has not been through the cycle or any mental health problem should just stay quiet. I will accept that certain people communicate more than others, some comment more than others but as long as there is some form of communication surely that is better than none at all to some who suffer even leaving the four walls that surround them.

Winter you took over the 'Positive Friday' post from Jetstar to keep it going, it is a serious objective that we all need, I will say that personally due to lots of things I find it hard to post but, to keep this going I am to take over the torch and kick it off this Friday.

However all of you look at yourselves! We suffer enough anguish, abuse and vitriol from work colleagues, employers and those who just do not understand without turning on ourselves!




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23 Replies

  • Good post Shalom. I agree with everything you have said.

    Bev x

  • Thank you Bev,

    However as you as yet are the only reply have I 'spooked' everyone else with my comments or is it just because the children are having an early night?

    Honestly though why does it get to this stage every 3 weeks.


  • Hi 1b4bed x I don't think we have ever come across each other so Hi x I come onto this site to basically chat to people in a similar situation to myself x I have found it a friendly place and full of good advice, there has been no unfriendly situations I have found myself in, in the year I have been a member x I never get into arguments or pick fights but i will stand my corner and say what I feel is right x I can assure you I am an anxiety sufferer and would never put others through emotional turmoil to get my kicks x Sometimes things are taken the wrong way and people get upset. This sadly is life. Its how we choose to move on after that counts x

    As for positive Friday, I think it should continue, but i feel its to early to wrote Winter off x If she has left for good then maybe one day go for it, but for now its a little premature xx Thats my view anyway x :) Donna

  • Listen I get where you are coming from but you really don't know what's went on in the last few months. This isn't just bickering for nothing.

  • I came on this site for support earlier this evening and the first items I read referred to members being upset and leaving over posts.

    I have had a lot of support from members and hopefully I have managed to pass on experiences to aid others since I joined and I wish this to carry on.

    What I don't want to see or read are the posts tonight. We all have a problem that is why we are here.

    Donver if Winter, who I believe is a very genuine person, wants to carry on with 'Positive Friday' should, but reading her reply tonight, you make your own mind up. This works for all of us and needs to be carried on. Should someone who has been a member longer than me wish to pick up the torch, go for it.

    Ashley, seen through the earlier blogs. Sorry don't want to be judge and jury but...

    please read again 'bickering for nothing' this isn't a playground!

    Surely we are all here to help one another.

    Maybe I'm the one to upset people but all of you please look at yourselves, this problem we have doesn't show any visual symptoms and the only one that we all can honestly carry is a social stigma. We should all support one another not take personal pot shots. Let the so called sane do that.



  • Ashley was not bickering as you put it, as you have been on the site only 3 months I don't believe you are fully aware of what the issue was. also very sorry you saw and read what you did, but we do have a choice in that. I don't think you should be accusing people of personal pop shots either,


  • Members are leaving for personal reasons x There needs to be some sort of admin on this site to stop certain behaviour and until there is sadly you will keep on getting it. This is a forum and people will say what they feel they need to. I choose what i want to read and if I think i will be upset by posts I opt out of reading them x I think the p Friday should carry on to x Maybe there is someone out there who would like the job if not carry on, I was merely saying its been a few hours, people change there minds x I do not take pot shots x I wish all on this site a full recovery one day and i really mean all x

  • Ok Donver,

    What has happened to the Admin?

    Do we take control of it ourselves?

    I agree with all of your comments but at the end of the day, some members are leaving because of the tone of posts I have read tonight, Winter being one.

    I don't want to see her go, but... We as individuals have to pick up the gauntlet as such or just let the this site fall apart.

    Positive Friday is something we as a group all need, but once again, somebody needs to start it off. will you?

    The comment on pot shots was a generic, have you read some of the earlier posts?


  • I dont know where admin is x comming soon apparently we shall wait and see i do not wish to do postive friday i find it hard to find my own at times and i think others would b better suited to the job x tommorrow is upon us a new start :)

  • I know I am blonde and over 60 but I really didn't realise so much upset has been going on.

    I come on here everyday, not to blog very often, but to read the blogs and help if I feel I can.

    I have had depression and anxiety for many years so feel I can relate to most of you.

    This site has been a haven for me as I know when I do blog people on here understand exactly how I feel, something that no-one else does unless you have had mental health issues.It has really helped me and I feel that I have made friends on here.

    Like Donver if I feel a pots is upsetting or I can be of no help then I just move on.

    Friday positives is a brilliant idea. for most of us.. helping us to see that we do have positive things happening in our lives.Long may it last.

    Hope all are as well as can be, Julie xx

  • Julie, (Please just don't add you come from Essex)

    I think the majority of us go down the same road, it was just when I logged on tonight and saw some of the posts. No thread but just individual ones.

    I have had a lot of genuine support, help and comments from many members, even possibly yourself, that maybe is the reason I feel so strongly about what I have seen on here in the last 6hrs.

    The other point is and maybe I am naive with this surely an upsetting post is aimed at an individual, so therefore we will skip over it.

    We are all on this site surely to give mutual support.


  • I am with you on this one Julie, i just wish whywhy and winter would come back so that we can all support one another. I am having a really difficult time and need everyones support to help me get through this.

    Jules :-(

  • Once again the world is against us.

    The situation that has been caused is that there is no left or right, no black or white, no good or bad only what you perceive.

    Does it matter how long I have been on this site!

    Some of you as individuals seem to be taking sides over what? We suffer with a problem that even a leaf on the ground can start.

    Pot shots, bickering are just words, and they seem to describe what is presently going on this site.

    Bonnie, I was always taught gain as much information as you can before making a comment. I have tried in this instant, with what I have available, do I need to go back further?

    If that is the case what is the point of being here.

    Surely we are all here to help one another. We all have a serious problem that only the sufferer or a long suffering partner understands. We do not have to go through as I said earlier playground spats.

    This site is here to help and assist an issue that very few people outside our world even think exists.

    I wasn't far from self harm tonight, dramatic as it may seem, but the post's! Please people we need to hold this site together.


  • Don't no if you can go back further, don't think you was here, but don't think you fully understand or even know, you have had much two say, on something I don't think you have been fully aware of, don't like your comment either of play ground spats, or addressing as children in the playground, and I find your post heading offensive. also what Ashley said was correct and others, they was not bickering, but making a point, and yes you do need to go back further


  • Hi Bonnie,

    I take it we are talking about the 'troll' and yes I have been on the site for at least two incidents, and as I mentioned if I have to go back further what is the point of being here.

    Both Why Why and Winter have given me good advice I for one do not want to see either of them leave, that is why I felt so strongly with my post. The heading was to draw attention to what was going on and the turmoil it was causing.

    To me it was all so futile, hence the playground comparison. Yes I may have had much too say but we as a group have spent time and energy on this, possibly even giving someone their 15 minutes, that we are not giving support to those that need it.

    Members are walking away. Why? We should be holding this site together if no admin then police the site ourselves, surely a pm to whom we feel is not toeing the line rather than an open post which started everything Sunday.



  • I think its very clear why members are walking away,

  • It seemed to be holding together just fine before all this business started. And, no I am not from Essex..... not that it should prejudice you anyway....we are what we are. And , we WERE just fine.

  • Hi Julie,

    I am not prejudiced about blondes from Essex, quite the opposite as I do know several, it was the way you opened your comment.

    Yes the site was fine until Sunday then for one reason or another well you know the rest.

    I was like you shocked and incensed that two members who were always there welcoming and giving support to all should suddenly decide to leave.

    With the posts I read I just wanted members to stop and look at what was happening. However it does not seemed to have worked they are still at it today.

    Thanks for taking time to reply.



  • We are still at it yes, as unless the one who is the root of the problem remains the problem remains x we tried to go and it didn't work. Its ok for us to e our own admins but we don not hold the power to stop these people and remove them from the site x

  • Hi Donna,

    Just seen your 'Going' post, not you as well? Surely there is a way we can police this ourselves. Maybe with all that's going on a pm would be better. I agree with all, the loss of Why Why and Winter is detrimental to the site and we are all losers because of it as we are spending far to much time dealing with this.



  • I did not do a private post as I did not want to be accused of awful messages at least in public it can be seen . We cannot admin unless given some sort of power to stop these people, I asked whywhy t return and assured her that we would intervene if things got to much but she wont sadly. We are wasting time, but then see who is here ?? no one hardly, at this time of night there is normally a vast community sharing help and problems but they are all staying away, maybe because of the ill feeling maybe not who knows x

  • Fully understand your reasoning, but am surprised you came to me.

    Who do we get this power from? I am like you and don't want to see this forum collapse especially over what is going on, the numbers seem to be growing but a lot of members seem to have gone since I joined, it can't be the 'troll' can it?

    Send Why Why & Winter {{{{Hugs}}}} from me please and you deserve one too.



  • ty x

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