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i feel cursed

Another rant, my daughter took my other dog out tonight (ive 2 dogs, one is a 11 years old gsd who is on meds for her pain and is literally on her last legs, and ive got a 2 year old rottie, he is today), anyways my daughter came in panicking, my dog was clipped by a car!!! She somehow got off her lead, someone clicked across the road and my dog bound over to be knocked over by the car. I took her the emergency vet, she's fine, just a bit bruised, cant believe how cursed i feel atm

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or that what could have been a tragedy was just a frightening event that is just bruising. I'm glad that she''s ok, you must all be so relieved.




Hi. linny. Feeling cursed and as if the whole world is conspiring against you is a good old fashioned symptom of nervous illness. I have been there. At one time it was bordering on paranoia. Everyone was out to get me. (I didn't just think they were out to get me, I knew they were!). How pathetic!! But at the time it was all I could see. We look back at how we felt and are surprised (and sometimes embarrassed) about what we did. As sandra says, it was really a tragedy avoided. Poor little dog. They do not seem understand why we humans need to rush around with our cars. I sometimes watch a dog look on in amazement at some of our antics. They seem far more laid back and sensible than we are. You are not cursed, just unfortunate! Hope all remains well. Blessings. jonathan


Hi Linny, try to look on it as a "lucky bruise" could have been tragic but it wasn't!. I'm not making light of it , just trying another angle to look at. I'm so glad you are all " in one piece" Lots of Love x Ella x


Definitely not cursed Linny.......that would have been if your dog was pleased that she's fine, your poor daughter would have been so upset if she had been injured too.

Hope your other dog is ok too, it sounds as though she is being well looked after in her 'golden' years.



I think the car must ave come out the worst, it hasnt phased my dog at all, she's ok. Had her breakfast this morning and is just normal, she's just muscle on legs. The friendliest dog ever and very very clever. I trained her one day to help me with my washing, taking it out of the dryer lol, had to stop it cos she was helping herself to the dirty washing lol.

@Jonathan, im just having a bad week thinking the worst of everything, especially with whats happend all this week, so glad im on the meds to keep me calm, i think last night i would have fell to pieces if i wasnt on meds, i was shocked but i knew i had to take control of the situation and get her seen to by the vet, and i did it, avoided the motorway like but it took me half an hour to get there but i did it (ive a fear of motorways) x


linny. Talking about animals and on a lighter note, did you ever see the pictures of the urban fox sitting under a lamppost watching an accident in a London street? He was most interested in the ambulance and police cars tearing by. He did not move until it was all over and then walked calmly away. The cameraman must have been intrigued as well to take the pictures. I wonder what was going through the Fox's mind? Humans are stark raving mad, or some such thought!!. Love. jonathan.


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