Well after 15 years on Citalapram and previously on Prozac and Ativan... and serveral sessions of counselling. Yesterday I had a violent outburst at the post office on my way to the GP to discuss anxiety problems again... Now on Sertraline as they are unable to give me any more of Citalopram already on 40 mg... and also booked in for more counselling in January. I know that this is because of my ATOS assessment in October and Xmas anxiety but feel that I want to get well in 2013... I hope that the new drugs are good...


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  • You don't need the drugs, you can train your brain to think differently, It's mind over matter, I know that many be hard to hear right now, but your better than medicine, I suffered from Depression last year, I went off the tablets about 5 months ago, and I'm feeling so much better in myself, It's just the anxiety side of things, but I've been trying to train my brain for about a week now to stop all this light headedness and feeling anxious, I'm not using drugs for it because it's not gonna help properly, If you rely on yourself you wont need to rely on the tablets with is what you do when you go on them. It's a shit feeling.

  • Thanks Lucy, I know that I should eventually come off the drugs, but only when I feel strong enough... as a full time carer for my husband, I still need a crutch so do not feel that this is the right time... I totally agree that you should not take drugs, but at the moment I feel I need to have something... I may give your thoughts a go after the further CBT in January.... thanks again.. nice to have support.

  • I notice you have been on drugs for years and I think they can do a lot of harm to your general health. Being on these type s of drugs can cause liver and kidney disorders, suicidal or violent thoughts, even heart attacks. They are also addictive . Simply managing symptoms is not the answer . You need to overcome the problem and also find the real cause. Your body could be lacking in B vitamins or pantothenic acid. Taking presciption drugs like the ones you mention will deplete your body of natural vitamins making the anxiety worse. I think you should definitely read the book "Beyond Prozac" by Doctor Terry Lynch. This would really help you.

  • Thanks for this.... I know that I lack Vitamin B - so I take a supplement each day together with High Dose Zinc which helps with brain fog.... I agree that changing my whole lifestyle would help my condition but that is not possible... as I care for my husband who has five chronic conditions one being MS... he needs me and I am unable to take the breaks that I need due to lack of funding and help/support.. Everything in our life is a struggle and therefore things are not just going to go away... I will defintely add the book to my xmas list to read in the new year.

    Many thanks for the suggestion.


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