For those who DO support us!

Hi folks - we often talk on here - quite rightly and justifiably - about how few people understand what we're going through, how insensitive some people can be, how unsupportive. But - this is for those who DO try to understand, support, and love us through the bad times.





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  • Very true - there are some good-uns out there. MY hubby and best friend for one of them!

  • One of my favourites Rose! and the film " Beaches " the words say it all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • i love it, Ella - don't know the film - have't had a cinema near me for YEARS!!! :( xxxxxx

  • It's been on tele Rose for years! look out for it! Bette Midler plays a blinder xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Will do, hun! xxxxxxxxx

  • My close friends are truly the only ones I can talk to, that don't judge me or knock me down. Don't know what i would do without them xx Love the song, one of my faves

  • Mine too, Rachy, and Midler gives it all she's got! Fabulous! xxx

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