Hi. All. A sad case of woe! My( new !!!!) computer packed up and I had to allow them to send it away for repair so, for well over a week, I have had no computer. Then, when I tried to get back on site I found I was locked out. It appears that something happened that allowed my old (new) computer to cancel my subscriptions!. So, here we go again. How are you all? I have not had time to look at the site but have missed it. I could not borrow a laptop or anything in the interim. Now had to change my blog name to jonathan6789.

They tell me the old one is in use! Must be my ghost. Love to all. jonathan.


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  • Thank God, Thank God, Thank God!!!!! Oh you have been missed so much heart skipped a beat then :) Welcome back!! You have made my week and many others will get a lovely surprise! We thought you had gone for good!!! I am so very happy now Love and Hugs xxEllaxx

  • BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :-D WELCOME BACK, JONATHAN, you've been sorely missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lotsa love



  • loads of people were sad and me was very upset :( honestly i felt like i lost a member of family :( bu ti am happy you are back again, there was even a blog about you, check it out :)


    rouri xx

  • Glad your back Lisa x

  • Welcome bac johnathan so glad it was just computer probs. ; )

  • Glad you're back as I wondered where you'd gone.

  • Hello Jonathan.

    Glad to see you are back. You had us all worried for a little while then.

    Look how happy you have made some of us on here. Few smiles that have disappeared on some have now returned.

    Hope you are ok.

    Love Lou. xx

  • What a lovely surprise. I've just logged on after a really rubbish day and there you are. It's really cheered me up. Hope you have time to read through all the posts and see how much we've all missed you.

    Lovely to have you back.x

  • Big hug lizard. Don't like hearing you have had a bad day.

    Love Lou. xxx

  • Not a bad, bad day just really annoying.

    Have to remind myself that I do really love the essence of my job as sometimes in gets lost in all the rubbish that surrounds it!!! I get so frustrated sometimes.x

  • Same at our place. Lots of changes happening and so many people unhappy. Bless the government and cutbacks.

    You put your feet and have some chill time. I leave work at work now. Otherwise it would be 24/7 getting wound up about it.


  • Sadly it seems to be the same everywhere at the moment.

    I'm working very hard at the leaving work at work policy - I haven't cracked it yet but I am getting better at it.

  • I think you had everyone wondering what had happened ......many many very relieved members of this site......welcome back PL :-)

  • Whoops big apology Jonathan. Just took over your blog for a brief mo. xx

  • Lou. You are completely forgiven! You are all so kind and it is heart warming to know that one can help. I have missed you all. What a pity we can't communicate via carrier pigeon or semaphore. Far less chance of breakdowns. The electricity just went off here (9.15pm) and I was in the middle of writing this. Came on again but I had to restart! Even that is conspiring against my computer.Grrrrrrrrrr. Love to all and thanks for your kind words. jonathan.

  • Technology is definately conspiring against you at the moment. We need a back up plan. It's a bit chilly for the carrier pigeons but smoke signals .... now those we could use!!!

    Really good to have you back.x

  • A very big welcome back! Missed your very kind words on here it's so nice you're back x

  • Nice to see you back you've been missed. Mel

  • I am new to the site and I always find your comments reassuring and comforting.

  • Thank you Araminta. Glad to be of help. We all KNOW on this site because we have all 'been there' There is no substitute for this knowledge. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • glad to see you back Jonathan! you were missed.


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